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Hip/knee pain

My 14 yr old daughter has had knee pain for a couple of years, Dr's have said muscles around her knee joint needed strengthening and she has been going to physical therapy. the 1st therapist she went to said the range of motion in her hip/knee was minimal and had her do a stretching routine. I decided not to continue with the therapy since she could do these stretches at home. To my regret she didn't continue with the stretches and about a year later her knee/hip pain worsened. X-ray's were taken. Radioligist and orthopedic said x-ray looked fine. Orthopedic prescribed physical therapy. During therapy the knee pain has gone away but the therapist has conducted range of motion exercises in her hips and discovered during an exercise where my daughter is lying on her back and the therapist brings either knee up and across her chest, she has serious pain in her hip joint area. The therapist has recommended a orthopedic hip specialist will fix her problem. does anyone have an idea what the specialist might determine what issues my daughter may have with her hips?
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Thank-you for your insight, It's very frustrating when your child complains of pain, four Dr.'s and thousands of dollars later still no solutions. The last orthopedic we saw ordered MRI of her knees, hip and pelvis and said all looked normal. So now we are on the trail of the hip specialist. I will do some research into SCFE and see where this trail leads us. Thank-you again

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In the human body the irritation of a joint is often felt in a location other than the joint itself.  Bery commonly lower back pain may be felt in the hip and hip pain is felt near or at the knee.

In pediatrics I was taught to religiously X-ray any painful joint in a child and well as doing a couple blood tests.

In a 13-14 year old I would worry about a condition called Slipped Capitol Femoral Epiphysis (SCFE).  This happens right around puberty, often in overweight kids (but not necessarily) and occurs in activities where they jump and land hard.  It is a slippage of the growth plate of the femoral head.  It should have been seen in X-rays.

I absolutely would pursue this with a hip specialist.  She is still growing, and we can hope this is just a tightness from an old injury, but a full evaluation is needed.

Quix, MD
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