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Hopeless patient

I've had some werid symptoms such as sudden numbness in hands and in one leg and it's been going on for a year now. I've had double vision since my eyes were damaged but it became worse now, non existant short term memory is getting very frasturating and now insomnia for about a year now. If I sleep for an hour a day I am lucky and I walk like a zombie its like my body wants to rest but my brain is unable to go to sleeping mode.
I've seen a neurologist he ordered electrical tests, blood tests, MRI, Spinal Tap told me all tests were like tests of 20 year old adult (I am 40 atm) asked me what was my biggest concern for today - I told him my unbarable pain in legs that comes only in evening. He prescribed some nerve pain pill and that was my "cure". I am frasturated and exhausted mostly due to unable to fall asleep and if I do fall asleep I wake up because my hand (entire hand) or my leg go numb totally and I am not laying in some weird position just laying straight.

Anyone else experience that? I want some sort of answer but nobody is able to tell me what I have and it feels like my disease is progressing rapidly now my hands go numb when I walk or sit not just when I am laying down. Sometimes I get dizzy spells almost falling.....paying thousands of dollars to doctors for useless visits and nobody is able to diagnose me or cure me. / feeling very frasturated
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Have you been tested for Lyme disease a lot of the symptoms are very similar to MS.  I believe there is a special blood test for the disease.  

if that doesn't work then I would consult another neurologist and if them confirm it wasn't MS.  

I went to a Neurologist in 2004 and they told me I didn't have MS (I did).  I wasn't diagnosed until 2014 - to late for memory, job.  So don't take a first opinion as truth keep going until you find an answer.
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See you have already put your symptoms up - missed that sorry.  You have some good advice to progress with here.

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Echoing JJ -- a sleep study ASAP..  Chronic sleep deprivation can cause crazy symptoms including much of what you describe (dizziness, double vision). In fact, get a referral to a sleep specialist at a university hospital if you can.  Sleep deprivation will do a number on your
Nervous system, cardiovascular system etc.

I turned out to have mixed sleep apnea -- some obstructive but also sleep onset central apnea.  It got to the point where I was getting no sleep -- The moment I fell asleep, I stopped breathing.  Part of my first relapse.  

Until you get your sleep disorder figured out, it will be difficult to figure out what symptoms are left.  In a perfect world, hopefully none!

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Hi and welcome,

If 'all' your neurological related test results are absolutely normal, there is nothing to suggest that what you are experiencing 'could be' caused by a neurological condition like MS, so it would seem reasonable to assume the causation is likely something else entirely.

If you have double vision and do not fall asleep, i would recommend speaking to your GP and arranging a sleep study, getting an appointment with a ophthalmologist to assess your eyes and additionally recommend you consider getting a referral to a pain clinic.

Hope that helps.......JJ
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