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How Long does it take for Baclofen to start working?

Hello everyone.
I took my first does of Bqclofen last night.  My legs started burning.
I don't know if that had to do with the drug or my funky symptoms.
Either way, this mornng i am still having spasms and was wondering how long it usually takes for it to start working and what is the "usual" does who have a lot of speciosity.

I know it's a tough question because we are all different but I figured we are generally in the same boat.
I am going to take 10mg every night for five days and if it doesn't work, I will take 20mg at night for five days.
If that doesnt work, I will take 20mg at night and 10mg in the am.  If that does not work then i am [email protected]&$&@&d!
Sorry for the swear in cognito.

I see the doc on July 11th anyway.
Thanks again, all you kings and queens of ms land!

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As I posted the other day, it typically starts working within 60 min of ingestion and has a serum half life of 6 hours.  My doctor felt there was no need to titrated up over a week.  He had me try 10 mg  at bedtime and if that didn't work, move to 20 mg the next night.  

There is a difference if you are using Baclofen 3 times a day or as needed.  Since I use it as needed, the serum level doesn't ramp up like someone dosing every 8 hours.

Talk with you doctor, because there a few different dosing options with Baclofen.

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Hi Kerri,

Below is a link to my favorite drug information site. They usually give you  a "normal" dosing schedule but please read this as information only and only act upon what your physician tells you.


Hope this helps,
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My neuro had me titrate the dosage - I am now taking 60-80 mg a day (20mg, 3-4 times as I feel it is needed).  

That is a great link from Ren for understanding this drug.  

I hope you find a good balance and it begins to work for you.
best. Lulu
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I found that I could 'feel' the one pill.  After a week, I started to have spasms again, so went up to two pills, and so on.  I stopped titrating when I reached a dosage that would control my spasms.  I still have mid-day spasms, but not all the time, so I take a flexaril when needed.

So yes, you're doing exactly right - keep titrating up until you reach a dosage that controls your symptoms.  I would see if a Flexaril will help in the meantime.

If you're experiencing burning, is that from the spasms?  Or is that a paresthesia?
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I have tremors caused from a headinjury. the doc, put me on 10 mg of baclofen  and it worked alittle, they are little round pills. so he put me on 20mg but wants me too take 2 of the 10 mg till I run out of the meds and then take 20 mg of which are ob long. anyway, the two 10mg works wonderful. the tremors almost stop. and when i take the 20 mg it seems not too work at all!! what should I do? I thought that if the pharmacist gave me the 20 mg round pills that would work. should I ask him too give me the round one. or ask my dr. for another pill or what?  I am in desperate need. the treamors are just as bad as they were before I started taking them.
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Hi. You have commented on an old post - so it may not be seen. Try going back to the main forum page and chose the Post a Question - if you use your original title for your post jensequitur is sure to see it.

Good luck to you.
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