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How Many?

How many of us knew better yet acted stupid and over did during the holidays?  

We are paying for it today!!!!

How can we know but act so foolish?

I am off to find my bed...again.........
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I see most that responded got caught up in the celebration and forgot we needed to take it slow.  I did all the right things before hand.  I shopped on the web.  I accepted graciously friends helping me to prepare the foods my sons love.  I bought some of their favorite cookies online.  I had friends help wrap and decorate packages.  This took place beginning in late Nov. and ending a week before the holiday.

So where did I go wrong?  I am nosy.  I wanted to not miss a thing.  I wanted to talk to each of my visiting sons.  I wanted to see my grandbabies doing cute stuff.  I wanted to talk, talk, and talk more with sons that live out of area  Nosy got me in trouble!!!

So I am going to bookmark this thread and pull it up next year for all of us that got caught up and acted foolish.  Maybe we will remember how long it has or will take to recover this year.

May karma be kind to all in the New Year.

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I'm starting to feel better today, only took a week of resting to feel abit better, too many people for me this year.  I know better for next.

take care
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I don't know how many times I was told to take it easy, and I agreed I would, but didn't do it.  I am paying or it every single day.  I keep telling myself "it was worth it" but honestly it wasn't.  The more I tried to do the more grumpier I got because I was in pain and exhausted.  

So, today New Year's Eve, I vow to stay out of the running around with my kids and just stay home and Rest, Rest, Rest.  If I don't, I won't be able to hang out with them tonight.  

So there, I'm going to follow the MS unwriten rules to take it easy and hope it works out for tonight.  

Wishing you all a Happy and Healthier 2012 and setting attainable goals and resolutions this year.  

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I traveled 22 hrs on a train each way which made my dizziness amplified. Then I stayed up too late and got up too early to spend more time with my family. I had so many things I wanted to do in a short amount of time.

I got home this morning after being on the train since noon yesterday and I feel yucky. My arms and legs ache.

Hoping for a better tomorrow.

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I've come through the holidays pretty well but looking back I have to say it has helped that I've worked short weeks since mid-November, for a variety of reasons.  We have many paid holidays in November and December and then I took a few vacation days here and there.  So I think being upright still has a lot to do with slowing down where I could.

Like many here, I skipped some of the things that would have been nice to do but not necessary and stuck with the basics.  
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Luckily I was so sick and weak from my Gastro stuff I had to stay home and rest. I did nothing but watch old movies.
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I took it pretty easy, started early and paced myself.  There were a few things I would've liked to have done around the house re: baking and decorating, but didn't do, and in the end it didn't matter.  I wouldn't say the MS rules are unwritten...since we are warned repeatedly about not overdoing it and overtaxing limited stores of energy.  I think some feel they have no choice, eg: have small kids to care for and keep entertained, or may have less than supportive partners, or not be in a position to take time off of work, etc.  I'm fortunate not to have these demands on me so it isn't as tough to get through this time of year as it is for some others.  Hopefully those that do are faring reasonably well.
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I am in the I acted stupid category and I am paying for it bad
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Hey, I can not vote, because I need "I was a little stupid but also smart" button. Because I was more relaxed than usually at Christmas, but did overdue it a little also ;).
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