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How can you post a picture of your MRI?

How are you people doing it?  I have all my pictures on a CD, and can find no option to save them, copy them, send them, nothing.  I thought of looking into specialists in radiology online (too embarrassed to take them to work)  and asking them to have a look, but cannot get the pictures off my disk.  The only clue to who has made the disk is the trademark Agfa, if that means anything to anyone.  Surely it must be possible to copy them?  Really a question for any IT wizards here - Sunny?

Neuro is assuring me of "absolutely no evidence of MS".  Seriously, you've got to see this head MRI to believe it.  I've looked at some scans of people here who have managed to post who are worse than me, diagnosed even, and their scans are not in such bad shape as these of my noggin.  People here who are, with respect, older than me even.  Lord a schoolkid could see this is not a great brain here.  Had I been told about the lesions, got over the upset, then got the scan and seen a fairly standard looking brain, maybe I would have calmed down.  But this is a mess, UBOs or whatever they are all over the place.  

Just sent a long, long note to my neuro begging him to let me see an MS doctor.  This may well not be MS, but how this finding can be glossed over is beyond me.  I just want to show these pictures to someone, be talked through them, and know where I stand.  The eye doctor wouldn't look at my scans, saying it wasn't his thing.  For heaven's sake, if a drongo like me can read them he could.

If anyone's interested at my clumsy description I think I tried telling it on one of my other posts, think it was the one titled tried the rest, and came back to the best, or something like that.

The scarecrow song from the Wizard of Oz is starting to replay in my head "If I only had a brain...".  Lulu?  Lyrics please.  BTW decided when I'm well enough to go out am buying Diana Ross's greatest hits.  Am more of an Arethra Franklin fan, but lyrics is lyrics.  Most of my life is accompanied by a song in my head.  Anyone else like that?

Lost in a haze of various overdoses right now, my monthly ritual.  Hopefully back to normal by weekend.  Outside world is an unreachable dream for a few days yet.  

World gone double again.  Phoned hospital asking if doc could send nice letter...no good, can't see to type.  Sleep.  Now.  While pills are working.  Quick.

If I've written anything rude or sommat, forgive me, am out of it, seriously.

Night. zzzzzzzzzzz
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You probably have different software on your MRI CD, but I'll tell you what I remember about saving my MRI pictures and posting them.

I bring up the view I want to work with, and click on a little square in the lower right hand corner of the picure, which turns green.  

I then go up to the File menu, click on it, and select Save As or Save to, something like that, and a small screen from the computer comes up that lets me select where I want to save it, and what to name the file.  I name it Brain, or some such, and save it.

I then go to a program that I can work with photos in, and import the Brain file.  I then crop the picture so my personal info doesn't show, and save it as Brain 2.  

When I upload a picture to my MedHelp page, I browse and find Brain 2, open it, and voila, I've uploaded my brain picture for all to see.

I hope my memory is correct, and your software is similar, so you can give this a try.

Hope all your dreams were sweet!


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I could wile away the hours
Conferrin' with the flowers
Consultin' with the rain
And my head I'd be scratchin'
While my thoughts were busy hatchin'
If I only had a brain

I'd unravel any riddle
For any individ'le
In trouble or in pain


Ok, enough with the tunes, let's get to work.

Open your image file.

Right click on the image

You should see a menu and somewhere there should be a "save" or "save as "  option.

Save your picture as an image - preferably in jpeg format.

Don't forget where you saved your image

Go to  My medHelp (your's not mine!)

under the photos section select upload photo

Follow the instructions to add the photo to your homepage.

If this doesn't work, let me know and I'll try to talk you through it another way.

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Thanks, my instructions were as clear as mud next to yours!  Plus, I've been humming that song trying to remember the words, and tada!  you print them for us all to see!

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If Lool's strategy doesn't work a screen print may be in order....

Holler if your MRI software is not showing you any love.
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I think I'll try to add a picture on mine as well..good luck

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wish I would've know how easy this was, I'd of posted my pics of my MRI a LOT sooner, now NYU has my cd and I can't post 'em. Boo-hoo.
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Can't sleep off the remainder of my convalescence as cops and robbers being played outside my flat.  Great area this.

So blearily trying suggestions thanks.  Right click does.....nothing.  Can't find a single option that lets me save or move the images.    No little square at the bottom, nothing.

Oh, and my printer is broken, but seeing as there is no option to print anyway not really the issue, can't even shrink it.  Just a programme all on its own.

Even on their own help pages their is no information about saving or printing.  Maybe it cannot be done.  But Lulu and Opera, you said you had more tricks up your sleeve.  Show me please, before I lose consciousness again.  Cops won round one but one of the robbers just ran by.  

In case anyone has not worked it out I do not live in a posh neighbourhood.  That's how I got my cheap home, nobody else wanted to live in this neck of the woods.  But of course since I arrived the profile of the place has been raised considerably.  It's very trendy now.  Talking twaddle, need sleep, need advice, just generally needy. Gimme gimme gimme....

wish, the generous one
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