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How do you exercise?

Obviously it is important to stay as physically active as possible with this crazy disease.  I'm wondering what type of exercise routine any of you may have found that is "do-able."  Currently I am doing Tai Chi, which is great for my balance and Chi (life force energy) but offers little  aerobic benefit.  

I am also doing water aerobics two times a week, along with swimming laps.  I know water workout is supposed to be good but I immediately feel the numbness in my feet when I get in the pool . It is a heated pool but I would guess the temperature is never above 80, so it is well below my body temp.  I am really tired, complete with accentuated leg drag/foot drop when I get out of the pool.  It takes me a couple hours to feel better after being in the pool.  Does anyone else experience this problem with the pool?

Any exercise ideas you can suggest will be greatly appreciated.    

Be well and stay active,  Lulu
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I think working out in the water just works you harder and your core temp is maybe rising because of it. I am able to go to a "girl's only" club or gym. I probably can't name it, but I really love it. Thirty minutes a day and the machines are hydraulic so you work at your own pace. It is a strength training circuit so I get aerobic in between the stations. I can't tell you the difference it has made! I realize there are some real limitations for people who can't drive or walk, but perhaps accomodations could be made.
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I'm jogging 8kms, 5 days per week on my treadmill.  20 mins stretching daily.  Not currently doing any serious strength training.  After the treadmill, my legs feel like jello, I'm numb from my waist to my knees, and my Lhermitte's goes nuts.  After a cool shower and some rest, I feel better and my pseudo-relapse sensations calm down.  When I don't feel motivated to exercise, I remind myself I may not always be able to do it, so I need to do it while I can.  Then it seems less of a chore and something to be appreciated vs dreaded.  If that makes any sense.  
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I just started my exercise/breathing/diet program at the Lung Function Centre in our city.  I have Chronic Bronchitis, Emphysema and Asthma so it is doubly hard to exercise due to a lack of air which not only makes it harder to breath but also make my legs darn weak!

So, apparently I am going to be learning to breath in a manner that will make things easier on my lungs along with all sorts of exercise.  We have treadmills (which I can't use because of my wonky left leg), bicycles, arm cycles, weights, rubber bands and of course walking.  They will make up a workout plan for each of us according to our individual disabilities and we will be exercising for 2 hours twice a week for 8 weeks and then we will have lectures on our lungs/heart etc., diet, physical therapy, and all sorts of stuff.  I found it really interesting today meeting all these new people and I am really looking forward to it.  I never really thought that I could do exercise where I could raise my heart rate which is good for weight loss but apparently we will be able to!  They check our heart rate and O2 Saturation after every set of exercises and will be checking our b.p. once a week.  Seems like a good healthy place to be and other than one really loud mouth, attention grabbing pain in the butt in our class...it is a wonderful group of mostly seniors and one guy who will be my exercise buddy...he is 69 years young!

I will let you know how it is going and perhaps drop a few hints as I go along ok?

Lots of Hugs

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I have access to a full facility at work - it's coed since its a college campus! :-)  but the equipment is all brand new (only the best for our students) and the pool is olympic size and never crowded. I'm taking a weight training class tomorrow at noon to learn about that equipment.

DV - I am impressed with that treadmill routine.  I was doing the treadmill back in the springtime until I lost it, somewhat like George Jetson (do you remember him i nthe opening of the show?) and went off and hurt myself.  No more treadmill since then but I should try again .  Your reminder of do what we can do now while we can is what is motivating me to get this body into as good of condition as possible.  Someday I may not be able to do this.....

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that sounds wonderful.  I'm glad to hear you excited about it as well and will watch for your tips.
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Sounds like a wonderful plan, Rena! I too have asthma, so have to be careful not to overdo.
Lulu - I'll be anxious to hear what you think of the weight training and equipment. I never had much upper body strength, but am getting better all the time. Feels so good and is a lift to your mood to be able to move and get those endorphins pumping!  Jo
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