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How does MS cause swollen feet?

I've read that MS can cause swollen feet which surprised me upon first seeing.  Does it have something to do with the nerve damage?  Or is it more due to longterm activity?  Or can it be both?

Thank you!
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Swelling is not actually a primary sx of MS, definitely a secondary sx though, some of the medications eg corticosteroids can cause an adverse swelling reaction, vitamin deficiency, dehydration, trauma, vascular issues, heart issues, high salt intake, 'inactivity' etc can also happen to someone with MS but it's not specifically caused by their MS.  

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JJ nailed that answer - MS is a problem in our central nervous system and the swelling occurs because of problems in our circulatory system.  The two are not directly connected.  I'm curious where you might have seen this....  
best, Laura
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I agree. MS doesn't cause swollen feet or any other kind of swelling. It's possible, though quite rare, for some MS problem to affect another bodily system which does cause swelling in certain situations.

My best advice is to stick to the good medical web sites--hospitals, MS research organizations, MedicineNet, etc., for info about medical issues. Many web sites offer only anonymous reported comments or ads for totally useless products, and thus can't be relied on. And it's always a good idea to check with your MS doctor about any symptoms that puzzle you.

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Thank you for responding.   Sorry for the confusion.  I just re-read my question and I worded it wrongly.  I meant to ask if its due to longterm inactivity, not activity.  

I'm just trying to figure out my symptoms.  My neurologists seems confused.  One thing I've noticed is that when my feet get the burning/tingling sensation on the top of the foot, that they will sometimes swell up.  And I was researching if MS could cause that.  Most of what I've found online suggests that any swelling of the foot is due to longterm inactivity or a variety of other symptoms.  And that MS itself does not lead to that as you have suggested.
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Hi -

MS symptoms tend to be without obvious physical manifestation, like swelling or a rash. I have pain in my feet, but outwardly they look just fine.  

I learned this after being convince I had athlete's foot. The burning had become a real bother, so I stopped at the drug store and bought an Athlete's Foot remedy.  When I home I took my shoes and socks off and went to apply the cream. There was nothing to find. My feet were absolutely fungus free :-)

SI if you see swelling in conjunction with your foot pain, both are likely caused by something other than MS.

No so MS causes dwellings in feet ankles and legs in MS patients. Vascular system is compromised. Also inactivity in this disease is horrible.
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Inactivity can certainly be a cause, but maybe also autonomic nervous system dysfunction.

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