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How much does pain move in a day?

When I started questioning if more than age was causing my numbness and pains, I'd have days when my foot would feel numb, days when my shin bone would hurt, days when my ankle felt sprained, etc.  I thought of them as separate issues, but now in the same day it will move back and forth, and is possibly spreading to my knee (although that might just be age and bad joints).    Just wondering if it's typical of anything.  

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Hi LL - Welcome to the group.

Sorry you're having some pain issues. I have had both MS pain and old age pain :-) The old age pain was fixed by getting a new hip. The MS pain is not so easy to fix.

I don't know whether this is good news or bad, but MS pain doesn't jump around. The nature of MS is that it attacks individual locations in the central nervous system, rather than systemically attacking the entire central nervous system. As such, the neuropathic pain caused by MS tends to be related to the specific nerve pathway that controls its pain center.

In my case it's my left foot. Without meds it feels like it's being squeezed in a vise. It's never my left knee, shin or my right hand etc. The nerve pagthway that transmits pain center info data to my left foot has been damaged by MS.

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I'm new at posting and I thought I replied but don't see it.  Thanks for your reply.  It really is neither good or bad news to me: I'm just trying to figure things out a bit more. Since knee and hip replacements run it in the family, I suspect me knee issues are more from favouring my leg when it's acting up.   I find this forum has a good activity and quality of responses, and suggestions for possible causes of miscellaneous symptoms beyond MS.  

I understood MS to be specific, but I wasn't sure how specific.  As in just to the foot like for yourself, or if it could include a portion of leg and foot, or even the entire leg.  

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Hi Doug -

By the time I had my hip replaced my knee hurt so much I was convinced it was next to be repaired. Once m hip stopped hurting, and I started walking properly, all the knee pain vanished. As you point out, altering your gait to accommodate one pain often leads to another.

As to how specific MS pain can be, it may effect more than a foot, or a hand. It may include the shin or the wrist. But it doesn't move around.

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