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How to write a timeline

Hi everyone! I ahve posted here before because I have some crazy symptoms going on and I really need to get to the bottom of them. The neurologist that I was currently seeing has decided that he is not going to run anymore tests so I have decided to take control of my health. I have been given a appointment at the Mellon Center for MS in Cleveland Ohio. This will be a long trip since I live in NC but one that i hope i s worth it. Momzilla had mentioned doint a timeline and I was wondering if anyone could help me with this. I want to go to Cleveland with all my ducks in a row so that maybe I can be given a diagnosis and started on something that will work. This fatigue and tingling is very annoying and although my left leg has gotten more function( I am off the walker), I still have trouble getting around especially in the evening or when I have had a long day(with 5 children this happens most days). If anyone can give me suggestions on writing a time line I would appreciated it.
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Sorry for what you are going through.  You are smart in getting your "stuff" together and trying to get the most out of your appointment.

Do you have all of your test results to take to Cleveland as well?

If you go to this link http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/237143 you will find the tutorial on doing a timeline.  If you would like some help with it I would be happy to help you edit/condense and format.  This tutorial should get you started.

Let me know if you would like help.

Good luck to you, and talk soon...

Wanna :o)
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Thanks so much for the information. I am going to check out the link but I may be asking you some questions if you don't mind. I feel like I am on a mission for answers and it is one I can not fail.
I have called to get copies of all the tests results plus the MRI films. I am so happy that the CLeveland clinic asked for the actual films and not just the reports. This gives me hope that someone is going to take another look at them.  
Thanks again and I will probable have more questions for you.

Annette :o)
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Enter in "timeline" in the "search this community" box in the upper right area of this page.  It will bring back a bunch of very helpful posts about making timelines.

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