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I Graduate as a RN today!

Hi my friends!

Sorry I haven't been on but I've obviously been very busy! I graduate tonight as a RN. This marks 2 yrs of MS for me because my first flare happened the first month of nursing school LOL! I've unfortunetly learned that me and intense stress dont make good bed partners. Nope! The muscle spasms are so bad at night that I cant sleep and almost have to get up and walk around but I am so tied up in knots or paralyzed in a spasm that getting up could be a challenge! Well it's better now. The stress is pretty much over and I am back to sleeping most of the night THANK GOD! So, just wanted to share my excitement!
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Congratulations on your graduation!!!  What an accomplishment especially with flares during your schooling!

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Congratulaions from me also.  What a thrill.  I am happy for you and wish you the best

of health and happiness. Good going.                        Linda
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Congrats on your accomplishment... good for you..

take care and good luck with your future work

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OH MY GOSH!!!!! YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in nursing school at the moment and just completed my first year of nursing school, with 2 years left and started experiencing MS symptoms back in October 08' and it's been tough with nursing school, but wow, reading your post right now really gives me hope! I am not yet Dx, and it's been a crazy journey so far, but I am remaining hopeful and have a great support system. Have learned so much from everyone on this site. Would love to talk to you sometime about your symptoms and nursing school in general! :-)

Congrats on your achievement and for deciding to become a nurse, you will impact so many lives. I am sharing in your excitement and so thrilled for you!!!

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Hooorrray, hooooray....We've got a new nurse today!!!!  

Despite your dx of MS and all the challenges that come with it, you made it graduation day.  Congratulation and I wish you well for accomplishing such an important life goal.  
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Hey, way - to- go, girl!

I hope your stress level goes way down and your happiness level goes way up!

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Congrats!! That's a big accomplishment for anyone, but managing it while dealing with MS flares is huge!
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Yay! What a huge success, and journey! College is amazing, tiring, fun, painful, and it seems never-ending at times! Congrats on finishing a very demanding degree-- you will be a wondeful nurse becuase of your compassion becuase you know what it's like to be on the other side of the stethoscope and in lots of pain.
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CZ, congratulations on this accomplishment.  This is truly something that no one can take away from you - that you succeeded.  

We need more nurses with compassion and knowledge - I'm glad you are joining those ranks.

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That is awesome.  It is always great to hear good news!!!  Thanks for letting us celebrate with you.

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Hey Girl!!!!!!!!!!


You did it! Yay!

So sorry to hear about the spasms.  YOu on anything for them? Maybe a small dose of something would back them off a little, so you can enjoy this proud moment!

Glad to share in your excitement and very happy for you!


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Congrats!! From one nurse to another, despite the fact that the more you know about the human body the more you become a hypochondriac, other than that being a nurse is one of the best parts of my life.  Best wishes on your boards.
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YAY Yes I did it! I graduated last night Pheww! To answer your question, yes I'm on Baclofen 20mg twice a day. Sometimes I'll take 30mg at night if I know it's gonna be bad. There's been afternoons when I'll take an extra 10mg just to make it through clinicals so I dont walk like an 80 yr old stiff woman. But, I think now that the major stress part is over I should get back to normal stiffness/spasms which I can handle without whining. I still have the NCLEX to take here in a few weeks but I'll pass that no problems so no worries.  Then I start my Bachelors in the fall. That is all online so no worries I dont think... hmmm..... :)

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Congratulations!!   That is so cool and we can use all the nurses we can get...especially one of us.

hugs, meg
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