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I am so scared and worried

I've posted here before. I went to see my doc almost a month ago and explained to her my symptoms of lhermittes sign. I have been dealing with it for over 2 months now. Every single time i bend my neck down i feel it in my lower back, left hand sometimes right and my knees. It has not gone away/ The intensity changes depending on the position im in. Walking or any physical activity makes it worse. Also my fingers on my left hand tingle when i do any physical activity.

The doc seems to think its a pinched nerve. I am not convinced. I have 0 pain. I have a desk job that ive had for over 6 years now constantly on the computer. When i hold my phone a certain way my fingers tingle. Sometimes i'll wake up in the middle of the night and the ring and pinky will be numb but only those fingers  have the issues. I dont have vision or balance issues. Im worried it can progress to that. I see my doc next week and will push for an MRI but just wondering what you guys think of this? I am on anxiety meds so  am treating that but i am very very worried
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Hi, i had a look to see what other things you've mentioned that might help point you in a different direction than MS......i honestly think what your dealing with is 'most likely' related to the problem being with your  peripheral nervous system because you have mentioned multiple things that are all related to Peripheral nervous system issues (ie alcohol, weight, activity, desk job, poor posture, female, menapausal age group, ) and peripheral nervous system damage is a lot more common than MS spinal cord lesions are but regardless you'll definitely need to have a few tests done before you'll get a better idea on your diagnosis so try to not worry about having a neurologial condition like MS when there are many other much more likely possible explanations to match your history and symptem, so stay open minded about whats causing this.

Hope that helps.........JJ
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Wow never even thought of any of those things and it’s funny how your internet searches never brings up these suggestions. Only things like MS or ALS. This really helps a lot and I’ll mention all of it to my doctor next week. Thank you much

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