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I feel fine but

I was dx with ON last April, had MRI in October - multiple lesions consistent with MS I was told, GP seems convinced it is MS. Referred to neuro at beginning of December, called appts dept at Raigmore where I will have to go and they said I must be seen within 12 weeks of the referral, 12 wks are up on the 26th Feb and because of backlog it probably wont be until then or even a couple of weeks after as the consultant has to look after too big an area in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland(unless one of the people they interview next week are suitable so fingers crossed).

Anyway I am fine most of the time apart from painful (but at the same time numb in some places) legs which started when the cold weather and has got worse the colder it gets. I did have tingling in my arms(mostly gone) and dizzy spells for a couple of months starting just before I got my MRI and some ongoing problems with speech as in forgetting what I am speaking about, forgetting words and using the wrong word at times.  My question is- is that enough to be dx with MS or am I likely to have to have more tests.  May sound strange but I hope to be dx with MS straight away. 1st choice would be that nothing is wrong but I don't think that is going to happen.


Ps was it a good thing that I was having some problems around the time of the MRI and that is why there was lesions?
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Oh yes, it is enough to be diagnosed.  
I had ON, lesions, and clinical symptoms and was diagnosed 2 years ago.  
I hope you get in to see the doctor soon!

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Yeah thats all i was diagnosed on was 2 lesions and symptoms. But even tho i was diagnosed im still half way in limboland over here for a have different symptoms from MS. Just make sure everything matches up!  Good luck and hope you get to see your doc soon!
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thanks for your reply. I have just read your journal, I keep meaning to do something like this for when I eventually see the neuro. When I was in my twenties I was tested for carpal tunnel and had a colonoscopy for bowel problems I was having at the time as the symptoms are vaguely similar to some of the problems I have had recently is it worth including them or is too long (I'm in my mid forties) to be relevant. I have had problems with both on and off but not done anything about either as they were not too intrusive.
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thanks for your reply, hope you get all your answers soon too.
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Hi Alixjo and welcome to the MS forum here at MedHelp.  I'm so sorry you have to wait to see the neurologist - I hate waiting.

When you construct your timeline you want to keep it as simple as possible.  Doctors are not going to read every little bit of detail so don't get bogged down with little things.  I would briefly mention the unexplained symptoms from your 20's.  

We have great health pages here - you might want to read some while you are waiting.

A good explanation of lesions is at


the index for the health pages is located at


you can browse the pages by topics, and hopefully find plenty of information to help you prepare for your visit, whenever that occurs.

In the meantime, welcome and I hope we will see you around more.

be well,

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Thanks for your reply,

I will have a look at the pages you mentioned. At least I have a date that I will be seen by and that is somewhat comforting, I know that there was another referral letter sent so hopefully it will be sooner (had what felt like a numb right leg and one of the GPs at my surgery did a pinprick test but it was the left leg that I could not feel).

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