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I feel like I am up a creek without a paddle

Hello everyone,,,I was hoping that some of you might have some words of advice for something I am experiencing.

Last night it felt like from my waist to my head was in a gripping vice. The pain was out of this world and after taking 10mg of Lortabs and applying hot towels to my shoulders and neck the pain seemed to let up after about 3 hrs.

Then this morning I started off just with that feeling that I had been ran over by a dump truck, sore and stiff. As the morning has progressed I have the most intense pain in my shoulders, both arms, and my back. It a very painful cramping sensation. The pain medicine just doesn’t seem to be reaching it, although I would hate to know how much actual pain I would be feeling right now without anything for the pain. My neck feels like it is just drawn into knots and my skin is sore to the touch.

I am so emotional and I worry how much my body can stand up to this pain. I worry so much about my heart every time I have any painful sensations on the left side of my body.

I don’t know how to fight this MS. Right when I think I am about to see the light at the end of the tunnel I get hit with another reminder of just how much MS hurts.

I go on July 16th back to the Neurologist for the 1st time since the confirmed diagnosis was made on May 26th. I have no clue what she will do or what she will give me.

At this point I would lick a toad if it would make all this better.

I get stabbing pains all over my body at different times…sometimes in places that pain shouldn’t even be. Right down to my pinky toe.

When the pain is bearing down like this what can I take or what can I do? All I can think is someone please help me before I lose what is left of my sanity.    
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You are definitely in a tough spot right now.  Your appointment is still 5 days away and that seems like a long time to me to be dealing with this pain.  

Get your ducks in a row for this upcoming appointment.  That is what I'd be doing right now.  Have a list your symptoms and any questions you have written down and ready to tell this doctor. When we are in pain, we tend to forget what we need to tell the doctor.  One more thing, make sure you put pain management at the top of your list.  MS can cause pain and you have a right not to be in pain.

Do you think you are in a relapse right now?  

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Hi Robin

Sorry you are having such a terrible time and that feels like an understatement and not empathic enough. But I can really sense you are feeling desperate and in a lot of pain. This feels like the most important thing to start with...you should not be in pain and sometimes we want to get to the bottom of what is happening and understand it when actually we need to have some relief.

Then we can think rationally and find the strength to face what is going on. As Julie suggested list out exactly what is going on for you, whre you are feeling the sx and pain and how long it is all going on.

Are you on any nerve pain drugs? I am not familiar with Lortabs but guess it is something for pain or anxiety? I find Gabapentin very helpful for controlling my nerve pain and I can really see and feel how it helps me as I know many others do on the forum.

Hope the next few days go by as quickly for you as possible (and for me too as I am going into the oral drug trial this week...assuming I pass the screening).

Love and hugs
Sarah x
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Hi, this is a horrible spot for you to be in right now.  Lortab is a narcotic pain killer and will do little to dull nerve pain.  We have a health page on this topic, written by a pain management doctor - it might be useful for you to read to see the difference.


You could call your doctor instead instead of waiting until later in the week to be seen if the pain gets too unbearable.  Either way, remember that this medicine does not work instantly like taking an aspirin.  It will take a while to be effective at the right dosage.

I hate to even second guess what this pain might be from.  You say you are very emotional, and the one thing you already know is that the emtoional state can increase the phsycial side effects of these problems.  Many of our community here use meditation, yoga, and other relaxation/reflective therapies to help control the pain.  Maybe Alex or Kathy will pop in here and have some tips.

Being alone with this MonSter  has to be the worst.  With your husband gone, have you reached out to the services you have on base for assistance and support?  I know those are not necessarily going to be specific to dealing with this MiSerable disease so you could also contact the MS Society for help in your area.  I just took a look at the Georgia chapter and they have an extensive list of programs and services available.  Please consider calling them to at least get on their mailing list and discuss what you might need.  Their website is:


The summer heat of Georgia can't be helping your symptoms, either.  I'm sure you are being wise about the heat and conserving your energy.

I'm so glad you are here with us on MH, but I also wish one of us were close enough to pop in, share some coffee or tea or even a bowl of ice cream with you.  Companionship can sometimes be wonderful medicine.

lots of hugs to you,

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Man I wish there was a way I could wave a magic wand. Lortab is a narcotic like Lulu said and really does not help. Aleve (3 of them every 8 hours) would actually do more good than that although even that is iffy. Do you have a PCP that you can see first thing in the AM for something for neuropatic pain. There are things out there that will help. Heat really helps but remember to keep the room good and cool. I have found when I see people in the ER that Solumedrol and Toradol works great to start until the Neurontin kicks in. If you are in extreme pain then seek out an urgent care or your local ER. Just mke sure they are aware you have MS and may be relapsed.
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