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I got a copy of my medical records

I got a copy of my medical records from my neurologist and was able to get a better understanding of his "leaning" towards MS.  I think I just took for granted that he would tell me everything, but I guess some things that aren't maybe definite they keep to themselves.  He thought he saw pallor in my left optic nerve head compared to the right (same eye that I had the red color desaturation in, and another thought I had abnormal pupil response at first then changed their mind)  I don't know.... do all these "maybe's" add up to anything?  These 3 findings were from 3 different doctors.  I really don't have any eye complaints though.

Another issue was the comparison of the 1st MRI to the 2nd.  He had told me no overall change.  In his notes he says,"Counting every lesion in every slice, I count 10 T2 lesions  in the 1st, 9 T2in the 2nd mri."  Then he says in the FLAIR sequence there are 13 on both mri's.  Okay--so this next part doesn't make sense...  I believe there are 3 new lesions in the more recent scan, but slice angle variation may account for some of this.  According to his count I should have one less, I don't understand where the 3 new lesions come from??  and there are no enhancing lesions...these mri's were only  done 2 months apart because I was just having growing numbness  down my back and he wanted to look at my c-spine.  He went on to describe it as no significant change.

So, it seems that there couldn't really be anything new if there wasn't enhancement??  The second MRI was an open 1.5T and the first was a 1T.

I'm not really freaking out or anything, just trying to understand if this is even relevant or not.  I think I have reached the point of not wasting my time on anything that really isn't definite.

I guess I see why he isn't so worried about all the numbness I have, because in the back of his mind it may be adding up to MS.  I am sure that some of my "descriptions" are similar to his MS patients-most every thing I have posted someone else here has had the same thing happen to them.   I guess I just don't get why the length of my symptoms, 4 months now.  

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If you can find my write up on MRIs, Lesions and Symptoms, there is a write up taliking about the different MRI techniques.  It explains that the FLAIR technique can show up lesions that down't show on the T1 or the T2 alone and why.

And, yes, if he is thinking this is MS, there is no point in worrying about numbness.  It's a routine problem.  

The length of your symptoms is also not unusual.  Many people have symptoms from a relapse last (persist) for a long time.

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ITs really interesting to hear all the different doctors saying different things.
I had my physician tell me I couldnt possibly have MS because my symptoms have gone on for too long.  ITs been 5mths now.

Now my GP assures me he sent me to one of the best general physicians in this town and he would even send his own wife to him.  But just reading posts here, so many have symptoms for a long time and are diagnosed with MS.

I don't even understand the T1 or T2 talk about the different MRI machines.  As a patient we just get sent for an MRI and thats it.  We are not told what type of MRI machine it is etc.  But since this forum I have learned so much.

In Australia we don't have the CD's. And they do not give copy of reports to patients so freely and it can be like getting blood from a stone.  IT truly is amazing how countries can be so different.
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my symptoms have been going study it will be 3 years in july. i lost useage of my left hand after bending it back to far . i couldent use it for 3 plus days, went to dr had x-ray they couldent find any thing wrong lots of numbness i thought i broke it cuz i couldent move it. and then all hell broke lose so many symptoms started happening. eye problems, running in to things, swallowling problems  stinging feeling in my hole body. body getting numb a quick strong feeling of numbness through my hole body. so scary... lots of neck pain10 plus on the scale. i get shoots, shocks, lots  of numbness in my hole body every day. i also get   SUDDEN MUSCLE WEEKNESS IN MY MUSCLES ALL DAY LONG.. I NEVER NO WERE ITS GOING TO HIT NEXT, WHAT MUSCLE, and its painfull and the pain goes to weekness. alsooo a main one of mine is this muscle crampin g in the legs mostly upper leg. charle horses what we use to call them when we were kids. this stuff so wicked....  i just e-mailed my DR. and told him again... whats your plan. all theses things havent stoped, every day all day. i fear some times the worst. the big C  taking over my hole body and them telling me i have 6 months to live. i keep geting uti infections and this kidney stones . e mailed my reg dr. and tell her. i also have been able to pull them off by drinking lots of water. i ask her if i should have more tests or is this maybe....... ms  she says my be ms.  the wateing is so  hard.... hopefull i will get treated is these symptoms!! do they  ever going away?

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