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I hate this new format

The new format is difficulty for people with MS who have visual and brain problems
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No arguments from me Alex. I feel bad for people posting. Personally I just don't have the energy to try to figure out who is posting, if there are responses...

The page is so difficult to try to focus on that most of the time I don't bother.
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Agreed. I do not like new format. To hard to think around. BUT I find when logged in on my phone I get old
format?! Not sure why.
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Ok so now my phone has new format. I do not understand.
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Strange but still true, there is a 30% chance of getting the new site when you log in.......the new site was running for weeks before i even got to see it, i've got the old version on my tablet and the new on my pc.

Please be aware i'm doing my very best.....i've explained many of the MS issues in the hope of getting our visual and cognitive issues better supported, so far personally 'reported' over 20 specific user issues and all the glitches i've been able to find.  

Some improvements have come about but there are more on the way!

Hang in there.........JJ
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Mine reverted to the old format earlier this week and has stayed that way. I was hoping they'd just quietly retired the 'new' format like the disaster it was/is. Sad to see that others are still getting it.

I TOTALLY AGREE with you, Alex. My participation in the community took a nose-dive the moment it started showing up that way on my computer. I just couldn't make sense of it. I very, very nearly wrote posted a 'goodbye' post (it was completely written), but cooler heads prevailed.

It is a case study in how to implement website design with no reference to client needs, UX, UI, advertising, usability, and overall community well-being. In a word, tone-deaf!
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*sigh*  i've now got the old version back on my pc.......i was literally just saying I thought it wasn't good for moral to be reminded of what we are loosing and shazam here it is.....
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lol even stranger i've got two medhelp windows up on my pc, one's the old and the other is the new....be still my poor brain!
And now I'm back to the 'new'...
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I agree about the new format, I'm totally confused with it. Mine has jumped back to the old one on my tablet at the moment, I think I'll stay logged in so not to allow it to jump back! Haha.
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I was back to the old format for about 2 weeks, now back to the new. What the heck??????  It's making me a bit crazy!!!!! Well more than I already am.
Regards, barb
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I stay logged on all the time and it still changes randomly. From one week all being new and rarely using it, to today, all back to the old version! So I don't see how it can be each time you log on - mine changes when it feels like it!
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MH members here have explained over and over the problems they have with the new design. MH has tinkered with it slightly but that's it. The only possible conclusion is that our needs are way superceded by MH's ambitious business plans. The membership has been the heart and soul of this operation. It doesn't take a genius to understand that when people feel ignored, they go elsewhere. This forum is a prime example of that attitude at work.

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My Idea of staying logged on......well, nope it didn't work out at all!  Old & new we go eh!!  
As long as I get to stay here (whichever way) with lovely people I'll put up with it all.
Hope all are well.
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and now i'm back to the 'old'...lol
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Is this going to stay at the old format?  I hope so....I know I don't make comments very often but my friends are here and I don't understand the new format and would hate to leave :(
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