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I have been symptom free for one year, yet now I have knee pain! What can I do?

I have been on Copaxone for 1 year which has been symptom free.  Now, over the last 2 weeks, I have had knee pain in joint! What can I do?
Before, when I was on Beterseron, mmy doctor would give me a med-pack,What can I do now!
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Hi Shell,

Sorry, that you haven't received a reply. It is the weekend and most people have better things to do rather than sitting at a computer.

I do have a glass of wine so I can't complain.

Thanks for joing us. It sounds like you have been enjoying a relatively symptom free existence until now. Yes, well I guess you may put that down to contracting a degenerative disease like MS. One day, the majority of us know that we will experience a decline of some sorts and this may be a small one for you, or it may be something completely unrelated.

Knee joint pain could be assessed by a physio, your primary care provider, even discussing with your neuro about the change in your condition. But, perhaps it isn't this serious and they won't be able to really measure any change. It seems to me that in a many cases we are the only ones who know that a change has occurred in our bodies.

I am trying to stem the progression of MS by following a program of diet, exercise, meditation and sunlight.

I hope a professional can give you some strategies on managing this new condition. I feel for your emotional pain that is generally worse than the physical pain you are experiencing.

Don't let this change get the better of you.

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Alex is right - now you go back and talk to your doctor.  joint pain is not normally associated with MS and is often a symptom of something else.  I would hesitate to label it an MS problem until you get an evaluation from the doctor.

I'm glad copaxone is working for you - keep it up!
and welcome to our little spot on the web.

be well,
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Thanks so much!  I am going to go to my family physician.
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Thanks!  I will go to my family physician.
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You definitely need to see your doctor about the joint pain in your knee.  If he thinks this is the same knee problem that improved when you took a medrol dose pack in the past, he might decide to try that treatment again.  

You can usually take steroids (pills, IV, or by joint injection) while using Copaxone-just like you did when you were using Betaseron.  (I think that's what you were asking about?)  Just make sure the doctor who prescribes the Copaxone and treats your MS is aware when inflammatory processes are active and what treatments are being prescribed.

Hope your knee is pain-free soon and your MS remains symptom-free forever.
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