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I heard from MS Specialist today and I am back to limboland I go

He said that I was not consistant wiht MS with my mri I had.  I was so excited about gitting the 3 tesla mri.  I got a disk also and I found out that I have 4 spots on my mri now and he said he thought it was more consistant with smoking or migraine or small strokes or high blood pressure.

My evoked potentials was normal also.  He is going to send me the reports also.  He said he will keep my chart open incase I have any questions.  I do not want to have ms but...I sure wish I knew what was going on with my symptoms and I am very deperessed.  I feel like I am back to where I started.

I am glad I went to see him but...all my tests I have had are all normal.  I have 4 or 5 spots on my brain is all with my symptoms of fatigue, weakness, numbness, unbalanced, dizzyness, blurred vision, BPPV, I have an autoimune diease called vitiligo.  

I guess the fatigue is what gets me the most and also the dizzyness.  It also drives me crazy to drop things and cant remember what I was talking about.  Im sorry I dont think that the spots on my brain are vascular.  A stroke has been ruled out.

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My family wants me to accept the stroke diagnosis.  I dont feel like it is ...I also have the buzzing and shocking feeling in my leg and foot rt side.
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Do you HAVE high blood pressure? Do you HAVE a history of migraines? Lesions from those don't cause some of the symptoms you describe. If you do not have a history of high BP or of migraines, then those lesions aren't attributable to those. That's practically like saying "it looks like prostate cancer" to someone who's female. If you don't have it, you can't get it.

Do you smoke? This is the second time someone's come on here and had a doc blame smoking for lesions. First we've heard of that.

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I use to smoke I quit about 5 years ago.  I take blood pressure med but it is not real high.  i had a few migraines when I injured my shoulder but they went away when my shoulder got better.

How did I get the 2 new lesions?
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I had one neuro blame my lesions on smoking something I never smoked...

I agree 100% with bio.  Controlled moderately high blood pressure  and a few migraines don't sound like enough to cause the lesions, and even if they had, they wouldn't explain your symptoms.

Does your primary care doctor think you're at risk for stroke?  Are you taking aspirin or another blood thinner to prevent it?  Have you had an MRA of your brain and neck (like a MRI but shows the blood vessels) or a ultrasound of your carotid artery?

If I were you, I would discuss this all with my primary care doctor, and ask for a referral for a second opinion to a good neurologist, if you need a referral.  I have a PPO so I can self-refer, but a lot of neurologists still require a referral.  

Heck, ask for a referral to a cardiologist and see if you can clear up the question of whether you've had a few strokes or not.  If so, then you need to be treated to prevent more.  If not, then you will have a report from a cardiologist that states that you have no evidence of having had any strokes.

Sorry for me not knowing the answer, but did you see another neuro before, and if so, what did they say?

Hang in there.

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I have had all the tests for stroke and went to see cardiologist and he ruled out stroke. All my tests were normal.  I just feel so frustrated at not finding an answer and it is hard to accept a stroke when I know it is not!

My neuro wsent me to the specialist to rule out ms versus clinically isolated syndrome so I guess ....i dont know
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Hi Nette,

Is your neuro sending you to an MS specialist now?


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Well, you have one specialist who rules out stroke and another who rules out MS.  Second opinions on each might be in order.  A good discussion with your PCP certainly is in order.  Obviously, you have something wrong; you just need help in figuring out what it is.  Have you read the health pages on here about MS mimics?  That might help you narrow your search.  We'll pray for guidance.
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