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I just want some answers...

Ok. I know you experts out there are tired of hearing stories like mine, but I'm to the point where I think I'm going crazy. I've talked to my family and husband about my symptoms, but it seems like they make me feel even crazier. They know someone or have some kind of know-it-all reply that makes me feel like they think I'm just making everything up or something. I've noticed weird things happening to me now for about five or six years, but when something happens, it seems to go away within a week or so.

2005-extreme pain in rib cage. Couldn't stand and felt like I couldn't breathe. Thought it was gas. Husband thought it was indigestion. For about five days, this pain would come, last about an hour or two, and disappear. Haven't experienced it again yet. Still have no idea what it was.

2006- randomly woke up one day and my left hand was numb, cold, and tingly. My forearm up to my shoulder felt like it was on fire and that my veins were flowing with lava. That lasted for about a week and disappeared. Dr. said it was probably a nerve and did nothing about it.

2007-my eyes started moving by themselves. Back and forth in a horizontal way. I can't predict when it's going to happen. Sometimes, I close my eyes and see bright flashing lights in the corners of my eyes.

2008-extreme pain in joints and fatigue. Everyone thought I had mono. No mono. No hypothryroid. Just stress.

2009--tingling arms, legs, torso, face,etc. Somedays I get an extreme itchy-burning feeling all over or on certain parts of my body. My left eye gets a bad headache behind it sometimes, and I have bad bouts with double vision. Sometimes, at night, the reflectors on the road look like they're stretched five feet high and there are two white lines. It seems like there's something cloudy in my left eye all the time, too. Oh yeah, when I bend my head down real fast, I get this shocking sensation that runs all the way down to my toes. Scares me to death.

I have no idea what's going on. But I have a neurology appt. feb. 26th, and I just can't stand waiting that long! My brain MRI was done around this time last month and it came up normal. I don't know the strength of the machine. The doctor said my vitamin D was low, so he put me on a prescription for that. I'm 23 and newly married, and I'm scared and anxious. I would like to know I'm not crazy. Please give me some assurance or insight or something. I would greatly appreciate it so much!!! Thanks again,

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Rule #1: Most people don't understand these sorts of problems! (especially those who know it all, or know people who know it all, or think they know it all - you get the picture)

Rule #2: We are soooo not sick of hearing of this kind of problem.

Rule #3: We hear ya  - and are here to help!

So, whew, now that the rules are in place, "welcome Mallory! So very glad you found us! And, we very much understand! I'm so glad to hear you are lined up with a neurologist. You explained your symptoms very well to us and so I know you will do well at the Dr. appt. Is anyone lined up to go with you? Someone who "doesn't" know it all already? Just a trusted friend to sit on the sidelines? If not, know we are here to help you out until the appt. and after.  

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Hi Mallory, I want to be sure you see the response you got from Shell.  Don't give up on us - we really are here.  

If yo ulook in  our health pages you will find one about preparing for your neurologist visit...........


see you around, I hope!

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Wow. Y'all are super nice. Thanks for the tips!
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I wanted to add a Welcome to the forum and know that you are not alone, we understand how you are feeling and what you must be going through, it happens alot to people who don't yet have an answer to their symptoms.

hang in there and let us know how things go... keep your timeline going... it looks good and take it with you too your Neuro and other Dr appts.  if you don't already ask for copies of your results... I would do that... MRIs, blood tests...reports.. all of them.. and keep a binder or your records for your medical purpose..OK..
take care
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Oh yeah...thanks for bringing up the blood test thing. I was tested for a long of things at the onset of my symptoms getting worse. Right after Christmas (about a month ago) I had bloodwork done for the following tests: vitamin B12, vitamin D, thyroid hormone, something for diabetes/glucose, and iron. Everything was normal besides my vitamin D. It was low.

Thanks for everyone's responses and interest!
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I wanted to add my Welcome to the forum where we all "get it". We get the weird sensations and weird symptoms. Most of us here have had one or more of your symptoms.

Like Shell said your timeline is good. So you are prepared for the appt. The suggestion to take someone with you is a good idea. My hubby goes with me and he notices things I don't about myself. He also provides an anxiety free version of the appt. when you inevitably go over it in your head later.

We're always here even if sometimes your question falls to the bottom before someone can answer it for you. Either bump the question or ask again.

Keep us updated on how things go.

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