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I read, I look, I listen (shadowsiter - aka DJ)

to all your problms with the Healthcare system that you have in the USA.  It must be so frustrating to not be able to afford proper Healthcare without paying major $$$$ to Doctors, Neuros ets., who have no clue, and so you have to change your PCP and Neuro to get the right results, to get sombody to LISTEN to you without looking at the clock to see of your time is up, and then you get the bill through to say how much you owe for their time - for what???  To be in limboland, or to have the WRONG or DEFECTIVE treatment,

I am posting this thread because I would like to let you all know that the treatment here in France 100% paid for.  No matter what.  for example on Tuesday I will have a MRI, wait for 20mins and then I have the results IMMEDIATELY without waiting for a few days or weeks.  

I cannot express how efficient the healthcare system here is in France, I wait for nothing!!  Blood tests are given the same day, MRI same day, DMD whatever I want, pain killers whatever is deemed necessary - all for free!  No waiting for an appointment to see my PCP, longest wait for my Neuro is less tham a week.  The support here is incredible.

If Presidendt Obama gets to here about this, it can be worked out.  It works here in France so why not the USA???  We are very fortunate to have this system here in| France, and if any of you want to come here for treatment then I can help you ( promise).  OK you have to pay for the flights, but the end deal is that if yu want to get results, France is the place to come.  I have accommodation here for anyone who wishes to stay with me and go to the Uni at Montpelier.  You ae all more than welcome.  

You have to way the  costs up, of paying for Insurance or getting proper treatment.  I cannot express to you enough how much this would be a cost effective way of dealing with MS - plus free B&B thrown in :)

I would welcome all of you.  

If any of you are interested then pleae PM me then I can give you my email, and website.  

I have posted this on behalf of DJ after speaking with her a few hours ago, and DJ commented on how manu celebrities come to France for treatment - Kylie Mingoue just for one!!!

I am posting this out of goodness of my heart of all MS sufferes and Limbolanders..  I know that many of my questions never get answered on the the forum, but what the heck.  I am here to help.

I just hope that your new President gets his act together and sorts out you healthcare system, so it's more like the French way.

My Neuro told me once, that the MS is attacking you, so we must attack IT, before it's too far down the line.

I am here to help, and please excuse any spelling mistakes as it is now late here in Provence.

Take care all.


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There's an author named David Sedaris who says if you ever break your leg, your best bet is to take the next flight to France and check yourself into the hospital.  Not only will they fix your leg for free, but the total cost of your visit to France would be less than if you went to a hospital here in the US.

Yeah, our health care is just terrible.  It really makes me sad - we have a lot of people yelling about how they don't want the government involved in their health care, but I know so many people who need health care and aren't getting it, or aren't getting enough.  

Personally, I can't really afford health care and medicine.  Since I've had a copay for my ultrasound doppler, and I'll have another one for the pulmonologist, I won't really have enough money to pay for Copaxone this month.
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I've seriously considered moving to France for the past six years, health care being just one reason why.

I have a bunch of friends in Normandie (Pays D'Auge) with whom I play music and perform.  I'd feel right at home there.  I've seriously fallen for the whole  culture, and thankfully, I speak the language, as well.  Not fluently, but I'm reasonably conversant.  Moving there would only help!

Anyway, the US MUST do something about health care.  Thankfully, I have decent insurance, but I really feel for my daughter and son-in-law who have no insurance, and make just over the poverty level, and therefore are not eligible for state coverage.  Each of us are just one catastrophic illness from total bankruptcy.  US health policy? Don't get sick!

Just had to get that off my chest...
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My heart is sinking as the Public Option slips away. If you have great insurance feel blessed. We did until July. I don't want cheap health care. I just do not want to worry sick about how to pay for medications or Doctors visits.


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I've often thought of becoming an expatriate, if for any other reason, medical care.

Just heard our President speak about all the money and promises being tossed towards our government health care system, the VA. I've seen and heard this before, so I have my doubts. It will take more than money to fix that system. They ration care at the VA all the time and conveniently mis-diagnose and mis-place records just to hold up disability claims. Plenty of objective facts to back that up. Just hope this new national health care system isn't anything like that.

I hope our systems here get up to speed as the one you speak of. It will take a lot of fundamental changes, not just money and talk.

i'm too broke now to move to France, arg!!!

enjoyed the post and information ...
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Well with the discussion in the US about the UK NHS I think I will just lie low and thank Debs for her offer. I live nearer so may take you up on that offer.

Thanks Debs

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I've been thinking about other countries that offer much better health care than the US a lot lately.  I'm delighted to know about yours in France.  Thank you for offering us a place to stay.  It's very kind of you.  Now, how many people can you put up at once?  I think many of us are thinking about taking you up on your offer.  Charley
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you are a kind, generous woman.  I understand France has one of the top rated health care systems in the world.

thanks for the offer to share.
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    Merci beaucoup


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Just remember, the USA is a heck of a lot bigger geographically and by population than France!!  Revamping our medical care system is a way bigger undertaking here than in your country.  

I congratulate you for your wonderful system and hope it continues.  Meanwhile, I'm brushing up on my French.

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Hi Ess,

My invitatioin is open to ALL members of this forum.  Canadian, and of course the UK.

Rose is best with ice :))

debs xx
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What a very wonderful and generous post. Thank you.

We do have a mess here in the US, and right now there's a lot of uproar because new legislation is being developed. I have to admit I'm a bit worried for myself, as I'm a heavy consumer of health care dollars, and am fortunate to have the best insurance there is. However, I'm no more entitled to treatment and medication than others less fortunate are. That just is not right, and must be rectified. Many poorer people do not go without health care, but use the ER as their primary care, where costs are huge and follow-up is negligible. So all others wind up paying for this through sky-high insurance premiums and other charges. Some people without insurance simply cannot pay for meds. So yes, it's a mess.

The government does not have a great record for administering any programs, and that's part of the uproar. I am hopeful that programs such as France's will be used as a model for how to do it properly. We hear a lot of complaints from our Canadian and British friends, though, and that does not make for good vibrations. Here's hoping we will have an equitable and well-run health system when the dust finally settles.

Provence is so lovely!  A great place to visit, eat, cook and shop, and get medical care too. Not to mention the rose wine from the Luberon. Hope to go again someday. It's been twice thus far.


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How wonderful of you to offer a place to stay should we come to France for healthcare, for you to care about all of us that are getting inadequate healthcare.

I recently watched the movie Sicko, about our healthcare problems, and michael moore went to France and interviewed people about their healthcare coverage, if they had to pay tons of taxes to get such wonderful coverage, etc.  It did make me want to hop on the next plane.  I've always wanted to visit France, though I've forgotten most of my junior college French.

I'm hoping that my next neurologist will be the one that listens and figures things out.  If not, I'll be PM'ing you!  

a bientot!

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