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I should write a book!

So, I went to an endocrinologist yesterday. He said that I have Hashimoto ( hypothyroidism) and should try taking some meds and vitamin d. He ran more tests and is scheduling an ultrasound of my thyroid (it is enlarged). However, he said  none of this is part of why I am having all of these mysterious symptoms! I continue to be confused! My hands have been so shaky the last 6 months. The doctor said it is either because I am nervous or a neurological problem. HAH! Try telling a neuro that! Please think of me and, for those of you that pray, pray for me. On Thursday, I will see a rheumatologist and a neuro at the Cleveland Clinic. I really need a dx. I can tell I am starting to get a little depressed. It scares me, because it runs in my family to have extreme anxiety and depression (my mom, and both siblings). I hope you all have a great week and I will keep you updated. Thank you all for being here for me!!!
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You have asked for prayer and it's prayer that you shall receive.  With pleasure.

Hang in there girlfriend.  I hope you can feel every member standing beside you, giving you strength at every step along the way. We really ARE with you.

Big Hugs and Best Wishes,
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I will definitely be offering up prayers for you.  There are so many of us in the same situation that you are in.  Keep your chin up and things will get better.  You just gotta keep the faith.

I'll be praying,
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i will be praying for all hands that care for you are covered with our heavenly fathers.
thay wisdom and compassion come hand in hand too.
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Hi, Princess.

   I have Hashimoto's, and it did a lot of damage to my bones before it was diagnosed. 9 years ago, at the age of 46, I already had the hip bones of a 90 year old woman. Hashi's swings back and forth between Hyperthyroid & Hypothyroid. I wasn't diagnosed until mine was Hypo, no more swinging back & forth. I wasn't diagnosed until  6 years ago.

  You are being referred to the right place. My Neuro is at Cleveland and she is great! We drive 5 hours to see her. She's worth the trip.

   I do pray. All the time. Only way we can cope is with Gods' Grace. So, you are in my prayers.

  When you feel depression washing over you, have a heart-to-heart with Him, and I promise, you'll feel better.

  And come in here, this family keeps each other going.


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Thank you all for your prayers and support! Tomorrow is my big day! I will let you all know what happens.
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