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I want to stop my Menstrual Cycle is it possible?

About 3 days before I'm due on I always have a fever, this can lead to me throwing up, (I've been like this since I started at the age of 14) but since all these neurological symptoms began about 13 months ago for those 3 days each month I am useless, not only do I have the fever but I am in such pain, I can't function. As well as finding it increasing difficult to do the hygiene bit with my hands.

I no longer wish to have anymore children, and I am considering asking my doctor how I can go about stopping my Menstrual Cycle, having googled it I am only finding info on making the flow lighter, but this is not the issue, it dosen't matter how light or heavy it is I still get the fever so I thought I'd ask the form.

I believe there is a pill in US but it is not approved in the UK, and whenI was on the contraceptive pill I got high blood pressure. Is there other alternatives to having a hystorectomy? I feel that's a bit drastic, but may have got to the point of considering it,if it's my only option.

any ideas?
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I know there is medicine here in the US that can help with that, they always start off with the pill to see if that will help, but since it gave you high blood pressure that is out of the question.

I had an endometrial ablation done and it stopped me from bleeding alot but it did nothing for the cramps and icky feeling they told me my next step would be a hysterectomy, which is not something I want to do, but they did say they would only take my utereus out which would not put me in early menopause. When they take your overies is when you go into early menopause. That is how they explained it to me.

I hope you can find some kind of relief from this, I understand the issues you are going through and feel your pain. My symptoms sometimes are worse during my menstral cycle, not sure if it is due to the extra inflammation or not.

Take care,

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I too just had the endometrial ablation mine was called the NovaSure procedure last wed...It's been pretty good so far but it's early to tell whether or not I will still get my menstrual cycle...Like figuerpa previous stated you still get the cramps and all the other joys but I can live with that instead of having a 2 heavy cycles a month...and there is good chance I will not have my period again or it will be really light...so time will tell..Maybe this would be an option to help you I hope you start feeling better ...

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They could do a total hysterectomy or a bilateral ovariectomy.  There are also some contraceptives that can be used for 3 months at a time that would reduce your discomfort to 4 times a year.

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There is also the possibility of taking the pill, but skipping the "placebo" pills in the pack and just continuing on with the next pack at that point. I've heard that some dr's will prescribe them for this purpose and some won't.

Skipping periods (no matter how it is caused) puts one at an increased risk for developing osteoporosis, so that's something you would want to discuss with your dr. It sounds, though, that this risk might be an acceptable one for you.

How awful to have to go through this since you were 14 and now get even worse. Do you get headaches with this?

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I'm so sorry that you have been going through this for so long.  That's just terrible.  It's sad that there hasn't been any help with this too.  There is a pill here, I think it's called 'Sesonique'  that makes you only have 4 periods a year.  

Before my hysterectomy I had two surgeries for stage 4 endometriosis. In between surgeries I took a drug called Danazol.  Danozol makes your periods stop completely.  I took it for more than a year and never even spotted.

At this point it is most likely available in a generic form so it shouldn't be too expensive.

Danazol is really high dose of male hormones.  I never had any side effects like hair growth but it's possible.  

Do you have a gynecologist?  Have they given you any type of a diagnosis?  Becuase if you do have a diagnosis it would be easier to get a hysterectomy.

Definaltey save the ovaries if you can becuase of the hormone issue

I hope you get some answers soon!


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There is a pill here called Seasonique that gives you just 4 periods a year.  But, the pills seem "out" for you.

A woman must have at least 3 or 4 periods a week while she has a uterus.  If the endometrial lining is not shed periodically it will continue to be built up and the woman runs a risk of developing endometrial cancer.  I assume the endometrial ablation takes care of that problem.

The symptoms you are having appear more hormonal than just having a period.  I am concerned that even if you didn't bleed you would still have the hormonal signals that make you so sick.

I took Danazol three decades ago.  I put on weight like mad.  It causes a reversible, chemical menopause.  they have other meds, like the once a month injectable Lupron that does much the same thing - an artificial and reversible menopause.

I had a total hysterectomy when I was 41.  I chose to have my ovaries included with the uterus because of the difficulty in finding ovarian cancer before it is too late.  I have not regretted that, but the hormone consequences have occasionally been challenging.

You might talk to a fertility specialist.  I find that they are by far the best at knowing exactly which hormones to manipulate.  If not that, then a very good GYN who specializes in GYN and not OB.

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