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ISCHMIC LESIONS WHAT? please read ok??

Hi there,

Although my Ms specialist is thinking I have ms,, on my mri report it said could be due to ischemic or migraines,, ok well I've never had migraines,, so I've looked up ischemic lesions and this is a STROKE??? OK well to my knowledge I've never had high blood pressure and my GP told me that my cholesterol etc is fine. BUT my question is WHAT IF IT IS ISCHMIC lesions and not ms????  I'm 38 just turned in march.  shouldn't they be treating me with something for this??  this scares me worse then MS,, I dont know just drawing straws here.

also can ischemic lesions cause numbness tingling/hyperreflexia/cog/fog now my eyes are blurry. and that SCARES me also..

I did have another MRI last week and haven't heard my GP said she would send it to my Neurologist. So i'm waiting to hear still.

also one of my "friends" told me that if 100 people got MRI'S OF the brain then 99% would have lesions and they mean NOTHING,,, WHAT?????????

what do YOU THINK?

in Limboland and going nuts
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Hey Sweetie, okay now its my turn to say WHAT????  Try to relax until you see your MS specialist, they know best what these lesions mean.  Others will chime in with their expertise on this matter.  Just hang in there Sweetie.

Thinking of you, Sweetie :)

Love Ya,

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Here to 2nd the calming vibes.

It sounds like this is the earlier MRI report, not the one you just had done, right?  So, if the doc ordered the follow up MRI, then know that they are following up and looking for the explanation.  I'm sure you know that excluding conditions takes time and more evidence.  Make sure to ask your doc about your specific concerns.

I can really relate.  I recently got my MRI report from Feb.  It was never really explained to me, and when I first saw it (and it also listed ischemia and other nasties as possible causes of lesions) I too FLIPPED.  

So just stay calm and  focus on figuring out where your latest report is along the pipeline!

Good luck & take care!

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My MRI said the same thing and they are currently trying to figure out what it is cause from.  The 2nd Nuro (1st wouldn't even look into it) did some tests came out fine now he is sending me to some Neuro's downtown to try to determine if it was a mini stroke or possibly MS.  It sounds like you are already seeing a doctor so I am sure they are trying to find the answers for you.  I have the same worried feeling as you do but I try (not easy) to worry about it.  I just turned 40 in March.
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I'm no doctor so I can't say anything for sure, but in your case I'd bet my boots you don't have ischemic lesions. You're WAY too young for that, in the absence of blood pressure symptoms and so on.

I doubt if 99 out of 100 people of any age would have lesions, but the number does get higher and higher as we age. Maybe most people past 55 or 60 or so will have some. If they do, it doesn't necessarily mean a stroke is involved, and in fact, it probably doesn't mean much of anything. I think it is a medical code word for 'aging brain.' The lesions would never have been discovered in that population unless they'd had an MRI for some purpose because there are no symptoms.

However, I underline that you're way too young for that. Please do NOT let them foist that off as a final diagnosis. Your MRIs were ordered because you do have symptoms. When they (inaccurately) attribute the lesions to ischemia, the next thing they're likely to tell you is either that your symptoms mean nothing or that you're anxious, depressed or stressed.

In fairness, I have to say that radiologists are supposed to describe what they're seeing and all the possibilities of what it could be. They do know your age, however, so should at least put in a comment that ischemia is unlikely given that. However, the neuro is the one whose job is to put together all the pieces of the puzzle. He or she has done the exam and performed all the tests, also knows your complete medical history. If your neuro relies totally on the radiology MRI report and does not look carefully at the MRI pictures himself, that's a bad sign. Either he doesn't know how to read MRIs (very bad), or is too lazy (also very bad). But it sounds as if your neuro is making his or her own decisions, and that's all to the good.

So please don't freak out over ischemia. You are just driving yourself wild, and really, there's no reason to.

Stay in limboland with many members here for as long as it takes, but don't go nuts in the process!

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Also sending "calming" vibes...

I agree with ess that the radiologist will list any possibilities based on look, location, etc. of the lesions.

It's up to the neurologist to look at the films and interpret what he/she sees, order subsequent tests, etc.   The neuro needs to clinically correlate the MRI with your symptoms.

Please try not to worry  :-).    ((HUGS))

Take care, Pat :)
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Limbo land is not exactly an easy place to remain calm.  Try taking some deep breaths, into your belly, then gently blow them out your mouth.  Try looking at a flower or something else beautiful like you have never seen anything like it before.  Feel the caring concern flowing to you from all over.

My first brain MRI said stuff about microvascular disease.  I have no predisposing factors, so I went with the first choice, which was that the lesions were"far and away most likely MS" and joined this forum and learned a whole lot.

My first two neuros and my primary care doctor disagree with the neuroradiologist that read my first MRI, so I'm stuck in limbo land, waiting for a new neuro.  I go in this afternoon for a new MRI, with contrast, and am eager to see if there are any changes, and if anything enhances.  

I'll take a copy of my MRI home with me, look it over, but try not to jump to any conclusions.  I'll pick up the report (I'm requesting that the same neuro radiologist read this one) and read it when it's ready, and try to understand it.

I hope to see a new neuro in the next month or so, and hopefully she can help me find some answers.  In the meantime, I'm hanging out here with all these cool people that help me keep my head attached to my shoulders.

Hang on, Ray, it can be a bumpy ride, but we're all in this together.


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wowa wowa wowa girl...chill sweet....u sound more like me when i dont post.... I too am waiting for the dreaded results....the conclusion ive been looking at is it can basically be anything! so chin up hun....praying for u
many hugs
CJ :)
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Take a step back and a big deep breath. Calmly sit and write the questions you have, so that you can voice your concerns to the neuro when she calls. Getting way ahead of yourself and reading, researching, and trying to process too much info is just as bad as the fight of the DX. Relax sugar, it will all be okay. We are all praying for you and here to support you no matter what. Don't let that mind run away with information.
Hang in there my friend,
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Thank you sooooooo much,,,, geeeeeeeese I really sounded nuts!!!!!!!! lolol

well its hard as you all know to sit back and WAIT,,,, so I took another look at my FIRST mri and thought well i'll just look up Ischemic,,,, bad idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Your all right and Thank you My opinion now is that really they dont know,,, what the lesions are from,,, what I mean is it seems to me that radiologists,, look and if there are lesions,, they write down everything that it COULD BE,,, right???

anyway i'm better today, and I'm just having a hard time waiting for the results from my Last Mri, I'm calling today, i've wanted to but been to scared to hear,, uno what i'm saying???

I dont think it would be so bad if I didn't have so many weired symptoms,,

Love to you all and Thankyou for being here for me in my time of( wild craziness) lolol

Your all in my prayers
Huge (((((((((HUGS))))))))))
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You're right ~ the radiologist will report ANY possibilities.

I'm such am impatient person when it comes to medical tests.  I went to my facility and picked up the report the next day.  I had it 3-4 days before my neuro called.   Is that a possibility for you?

Take care and lots of ((((((((HUGS))))))))), Pat :)
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