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Ice Sculpts

   Wow, cold, but wonderful walk wy my slightly older than me lady friends today.:)  It was beautifully sunny, and not much wind.  We walked along the Rideau Canal, the worlds longest 'natural' ice rink.  I had no skates, and wouldn't trust myself not to fall flat on my backside, so, I opted for alongside, on the walkway, with most of the others.

   The ice sculpts at Winterlude were wonderful.  I can't wait to see the one of me in front of a teranasaurus rex, sculpted out of ice.

   Lunch after was yummy too.  I treated myself to portebello mushroom soup, spinach salad, with pears, pinenuts, proscuitto with garbanzo sauce and a beer. :)

   Now I'm gearing up to visit my former husbands father, who is in hospital about to die from an aggressive case of lung cancer which has spread to his liver.  He had radiation last week, but got pneumonia after, and it doesn't look good, apparently.  His daughter called and asked that I bring my daughter to see him, before hand.  I'm just waiting for her to get here.

   Sorry to go from sunny to dismal, like that.  Just thinking out loud, I guess.  I do that lots.  Helps me understand what I'm thinking at times.  lol lol   Got an oddddddd brain, here. lol

   Well, must go put on a happy face.

tgc all, Erica
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Thanks for posting; you brought up lots of fond memories for me, of childhood winters in Ottawa, getting bundled up for class trips to Winderlude, skating down the canal, seeing all the beautiful sculptures, then warming up inside with hot chocolate.  That was so long ago but seems like yesterday!

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They are planning on putting these ridiculous sculptures at a couple of the entrances to the city here and they look like to most like an ice sculpture of a popsicle stick hanging over the highway...I can appreciate real art but like most here they don't think this is art...a rousing 64 out of 65 voting on it thought it looked ridiculous and when its 100 degrees in the summer don't you think it will look totally stupid???

I say leave ice sculptures to the winter festivals where justice is done to it!

Just my b**** for the day...not in a very good mood

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Wow, Rideau Canal Skateway has its own web site , virtual tours , skating on the largest rink in the world !!  What fun  Thanks   You must have had a wonderful day.

It reminded me of home ,  skating when I was a child, the warming shed , with its pot belly stove that every one would huddle around, trying to keep the frost bite away.   Oh , those were the days.

I love ice sculptures . UVM had a festival every yr (Cake Walk Week-End.) The frat houses would compete with each other, building these enormous , beautiful sculptures . The whole city would turn out. It was spectacular

Sorry to hear about your father-in-law

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Rena , If they don't melt they are NOT ice sculpture.  What are they plastic, acrylic .

What's up ..  not a good day .  Wish I could make you smile   :)  

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