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I'd bet it's not Diabetes either....(testing this AM)

I thought it would be fun to see what my BS's were on my monitor at the same intervals they took blood from my arm.  Based on my results and the normal values for this test, I'll probably get a call saying I don't have diabetes, which is great news.....but on the other hand leaves a question to why I have neuropathy in my feet.  Anyway, I will post when I hear my actual test results, but these are the ones I got on my monitor.

75 mg glucose given.

Fasting - 112 (it was 132 when I got up - then 112 by the time I got to the hospital).
1/2 hr reading was 250
1 hr reading was 202
1.5 hrs. was 133
2 hrs. was 87.

I don' tknow unless there are some other guidelines out there, I probably don't have diabetes, which I would be SO RELIEVED if I didn't.  If that's the case, I will jsut take my neurotonin and be quiet LOL -actually, I think it's helping my burning feet now, so that's a huge relief.  But there's that "burning" question in the back of my mind - why on earth did I get neuropathy to begin with.

Another good one - last nite I got home.  I went in the house with a few groceries, came back out and my 5 year old had a case of diet pepsi in his arms, wanting to carry it in the house.  I stepped down out of the house onto the step in the garage and twisted my ankle and fell like a 90 year old lady LOL - OMG, it's funny now but I thought I'd have him dial 911. I have not fallen in years!    SO, I laid there for a fewm inutes while he asked if I was alright and I just didn't know if I was alright or not. I had to take a while to figure that out as I rolled over on my knees and got up.  I am SO SORE today.  My right middle finger, my right ankle and foot (not swollen), my right back of upper leg all are hurting today.  Oh and my left knee.  When I fell, I took a lawnchair with me and a garbage can LOL!   Then the truck door was open and I almost hit my head on that, thank god I didn't, that would have been a bloody mess.  

Ok, gotta go.

I'll write when I get ACTUAL results.
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Sorry to hear you fell, ouch!! That is always aweful.

Well I'm no doctor, but those numbers sure look like diabetes to me, sorry to be a wet blanket. We'll have to see what your doctor says. You are slightly high apon rising, and the drop to 112 was with no food, right, before the test?

So your activity getting ready to go, dropped you the 20 points. This is normal with a diabetic. Your body can't compensate for activity with no added carb, and you can drop low (this number wasn't low though)
Then you had a large spike after being given the glucose and then faded back to normal -safe range after the sugar/carbs left your system.


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Hey Jaz.  That is correct, the drop to 112 was with no food.  The 132 when I got up , then 1 hour later it dropped 20 points to the 112 right before I walked into the clinic.

You aren't being a wet blanket you silly girl ;)  It wouldn't shock me ONE BIT if they called and said I was diabetic, not at all.  As I said, my Mom has it, my grandpa had it, my uncle has it (he's blind from it and VERY sick) and of course, my dear husband has it bad.    Our cat was even diagnosed with it 9 years after we got him as a Kitty - now what are the chances of that happening??? LOL - Gawd, even the da** cat!  

I"ll keep ya posted and thanks!
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I have been locked out of posting or getting onto the site all day!  I am so exasperated!  So I'm posting frantically to let you all  know I'm here and TRYING!

The newest recommendations I have seen for calling overt diabetes is fasting sugars over 100, so I'm with Jazz.  I think you're going to hear that this is diabetes, and they'll begin treatment.  What I don't know is how long and at what level you can see the onset of neuropathy.  It is definitely not my field, but it seems too early and to little.  Be interesting to see what your HgA1c is.

I have one strong bit of advice - Look to the glycemic scale.  Sugar and readily absorbable carbs, and all processed carbs are your enemy.  Anything that stimulates insulin production.  Type II diabetes is exactly the opposite of Type I.  Too much insulin, the cells can't handle it and become resistant.  They become unable to absorb the glucose they need and suffer early degeneration.

I'm expecting similar news any time now.  In a 6 month binge of self-pity I indulged in every forbidden treat I wanted - the whole ice cream saga - and gained 30 pounds.  Now with the steroids, I expect, to see some problems.  Yesterday, though, my noon non-fasting was 90 so I'm not there yet, but my mom has it.  And I had better restart my low-carb routine and bring my sugars, triglycerides and cholesterol down again before some doctor discovers it and rags on me.

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I just thought I would add that my friend's mother has just been diagnosed with diabetes and diabetic neuropathy.   She had not been to a doctor at all in many years and went to the E.R. with vertigo.

Her  sugar in the E.R. was over 300 and the doctors think she has had diabetes for at least four years.  I do not know why they are calling vertigo diabetic neuropathy but all her tests were normal so they are just saying everything is from diabetes.

My point is that the doctors told her that diabetic neuropathy usually takes years to develop.  So hopefully you do not have diabetic neuropathy.

Good Luck
Elaine (Craig's wife.  He is not doing well tonight)

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Stopping back in for a second. I have heard the same Elaine, which is what leaves things still open for my situation - the Endo does not believe the diabetes could have caused the amount of damage I have - even with having very high blood sugar - but taking into account the time frame.
All our thoughts for Craig

Let us know your results Spanky. You will be ok if it is the neuropathy. It very well could be, if you've had numbers hitting those 200's for a length of time I guess. Hang in there!

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Hi.  Wanted to add one more thing...Nutrasweet has been blamed as causing many neurological abnormalities and in some people mimicking MS.  Once the people stopped drinking things with Nutrasweet, the symptoms gradually disappeared.  So if you drink diet soda with nutrasweet in it, you might want to stop and see if you feel better in a few weeks.

Also, Nutrasweet causes an insulin spike which will aggravate pre-diabetes.  An alternative would be to switch to the sweetener,"Stevia".  It is available in packets or larger sizes and you can either buy it at a health store or online (Healthyshopping.com is one web site).    Stevia comes from a plant, is totally natural, and does not cause a rise in blood sugar or insulin.  

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