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If weather cooperates I start new chemo

I start my sixth chemo Avastin/taxol. The one I am on Gemzar has done nothing. Cancer has spread fast. I just hope the hospital does not shut down due to weather. I had to have two emergency CT scans in both two weeks apart they showed significant growth. I do not want to wait two weeks with out chemo. This will be a rough chemo. I will be on it until it no longer works. I also have partially collapsed lungs.

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Prayers and gentle hugs, brave Alex.

This chemo does indeed sound brutal and hopefully Mother Nature cooperates.

Thinking good thoughts for you,

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You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers, Alex! As you have supported so many of us here, may our collective positivity reach you and help you continue to be strong.

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(((hugs))) Alex.  Praying for the weather to cooperate.
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Thinking of you Alex and hoping for good weather conditions and also a great response to the treatment. Your an inspiration to so many, I second Cheryl's comments, stay strong.
Jane x
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Wishing you the best, Alex.  ess
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Hi Alex,
I do hope that the weather stays at bay for you to have the treatment.
I too second Cheryl!
Inspiration to all!!
Take care Alex.
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It was icy but we made it to Duke in back in my Subaru. We had to knock ice out of the wheel wells whenever we stopped. The nurses were super nice. The bureaucracy at Duke is tough but the staff are super. Besides my idiot research nurse I have never met anyone who was not nice. She is gone. They ether promoted her away from patients or she moved on. They had free breakfast and parking due to the weather. The chemo will not hit me for three days. It may not be as bad since it is a lower dose once a week. I will lose my hair again and have nose bleeds all the time. Oh and permanent neuropathy in hands and feet. I have escaped that so far.

I don't know if I should cheer or jeer! I am so glad you made it for your treatment. Continuing to keep my fingers & toes crossed that the side effects are far less than expected.
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Sending  many prayers and good thoughts your way.
HUGS, barb
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Alex, thinking of you. Sending you as much strength as I can, and lots of very warm thoughts xoxoxox
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Alex hope this is the drug that kicks cancers butt. Glad you made it safely to the hospital.
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You're in my thoughts and prayers, Alex.  You are so brave and such an inspiration! Deb
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You are always so brave dear Alex, I´m so sorry to read this, I have not been here for many months now. But I think you are a great fighter, you have proofed that SO many times for such a long time.
My best wishes always,
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