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I'm becoming nocturnal...

I have noticed that I feel less overwhelmed when I am in a quiet environment, when there is too much going on around me I feel like my brain can't process all the information. I get anxious, irritated and frustrated easily during the day. I have been waking up early (between 4-5) on my own (no alarm) for the past four months. For the past three weeks or so, I have been waking up earlier each day (today was 2am) I am wondering if the reason for getting up so early is that my brain has realized that there is less going on in the middle of the night, and is making me nocturnal to avoid the stimuli?

I am going to bed between 8 and 9, and fall right asleep. I rarely take naps during the day even though I am exhausted. I will nod off for a couple minutes (5) in the late afternoon while sitting on the couch. I also wake up with pain, numbness, tingling, and spasms in my legs every morning. Once I am awake, I can't go back to sleep no matter how hard I try.

Please, everybody cross their fingers for me today! I am going to UCSF for my MRI on the 7T machine, I just might get out of limboland soon!  Which will make the numerous 3 hr each way, drives well worth it.

The test is at 4:30 this afternoon. If the results are abnormal, will they tell me today?
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Hi, Nan--Oh, blessed sleep--oh, blessed quiet!

I'm thinking of you and wishing you well at the neuro appointment--this may well be the day! How might I get that list to you through email or some other communication a bit more private--have any idea? I'll ask around too. Cheers! Jane
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I wish you the best of luck tomorrow!!
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best wishes for a productive visit tomorrow with your doctor - I hope you get answers.

my best,
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We haven't met, but you and the others have taught me so much.
I have not been diagnosed. I will get the results of the MRI tomorrow, at my doctor appointment. I will eventually make an introductory post, I just don't have the energy now
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Hi, I'm not sure if we have talked before.

First, I want to say that I totally understand about becoming nocturnal.  My head is always a buzzing, roaring, distracting mess mostly of tinnitus, but also of distraction and trying to keep my thoughts straight.  I get really irritable, too.

Sometimes I wake up in the night and my head feels - normal - sort of like I imagine it did when I was younger.  I feel peaceful and great - and then it all begins to get crowded out by the noise and disorientation again.  But, I do know how the prolonged peace and quiet can make you feel better.

I, too, hope the 3T images tell everyone what what you need them to know.  I can't remember if you are diagnosed or not.

good luck,

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While it wasn't a 7, that 3T is good news.  Yea, I'd like to learn how to read those images too - it's amazing to see those pics of your brain huh? Just wish it were easier to know what the heck we were looking at.

They should have reports prepared before long.

HOpe you find out something real soon!
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The MRI went well although it turned out to be the 3T machine. I got a copy of the images as I left. Sure wish I knew how to read an MRI :)  
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Hi there,

I've not met you yet, and wanted to say hello and wish you safety on your trip, and I hope the MRIs reveal what is going on.

I do not think you will know much today, but you never know.

I am w/you w/the less stimuli helping to keep the brain and body calm - amazing.

See you when you get back,

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