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I'm now a proud mama!

Birth was induced on January 16, and I'm now the proud mother of a little baby boy. He's doing great - a little underweight, but healthy and cute as can be.

I was given IV steroids in the hospital to prevent a flare, and I've taken my first round of oral steroids last week. On Wednesday I developed the worst back pain imaginable - my entire lumbar is one big cramp. My neurologist thinks it's just from lifting the baby wrong, but this feels more like a neurological cause. All the muscles in the lumbar clench together as one, and then I have to concentrate on getting them to relax. I started taking my Keppra again immediately, which helps quite a bit, and my Baclofen.
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He's beautiful! Congratulations. :-)

I am glad to hear you are both doing well but bummer about the back pain.

Hugs to you and your son,

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Congratulations on your prescious bundle of joy!

Oh my he looks adorable. It's not nice to have a newborn and back pain issues at the same time so I really hope things settle quickly for you. Don't forget to ask for help if things get ontop of you because there will always be people queuing up to snuggle up to this prescious little boy.


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Beautiful, Jen!!!  Congratulations!  

Hopefully those back spasms go away soon.  It's certainly not what you need right now making it impossible to get any sleep.  I hope you have someone helping you!!!  Also try experimenting with pillows.  Maybe one just underneath your hips will help????
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Ohhhhhhhhh my he's cute as a button!!

lol yeah your lifting him wrong cause he's like, you know wriggling around so much, and um enormous and heavy as [doh] I might of believed your neuro if it was put down to your body's readjusting, your spines no longer curved so much from carrying the baby but lifting a new born just seems daft...

Welcome to motherhood :D

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He is beautiful

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Congratulations on the arrival of your precious little one. Such a little cutie.
I hope your back pain gets under control so you can enjoy your darling New blessing.
Regards, barb
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Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! What an absolutely beautiful little baby!! Thanks for sharing. Hoping you are feeling better really, really soon - like yesterday ; )
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Congratulations Jen!  Wonderful news!!
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  I am happy for you.  He truly is quite the looker.  Sweet.

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Congratulations Jen :-)

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May you and your family all ways  have good health and happy and lots of love..

take care
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Congratulations Jen, he's really super. One club that is great to be a part of - that of being a Mummy.

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Way to go, Jen! What's his name?

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Congratulations, he is adorable!!   Hope you are feeling better!

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Congratulations!  He a cute little bug!
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He is absolutely Beautiful !!  Congratulations to you all, and best of luck !!!   xo
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Thanks, guys! He's 8 lbs. 8 oz. this week. I'm a little less concerned about weight gain... just a little!

My back is doing better. I don't know if it's the MS or just simple back strain, but I've been laying on my stomach with an ice pack on my back, and it seems to help. I try to sit up as straight as possible and arch my back, so that my lumbar is fully extended. I think the back pain is from breastfeeding, so I've been breast pumping as mcuh as possible and limiting the breastfeeding to nights and mornings.
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He is beautiful. I am so happy for you.

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Ess, his name is Random Logan.
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He's absolutely beautiful and so thoughtful to share with us!  You've done well, with MS and pregnancy.  

Enjoy, they don't stay little long, when you look back!

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