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In MS Limbo - wanting thoughts/opinions

I think my neurologist is being cautious and I understand that but I need the thoughts of those of you experienced in these areas.
I have had issues for YEARS that I thought were independent of each other and still many maybe.
Restless legs, cramping legs, heavy arms, legs and body feeling, IBS, TIRED, foggy
More recently my toes, part of my foot, finger tips go tingly and or numb feeling.
Then I went to the hospital because I thought I was having a stroke or something (I never go to the hospital). I was horribly dizzy, my arm was feeling weird ….. too many things to list. They gave me an MRI and to make the entire story manageable - Some Lesions that are indicative of MS and some lesions that are not
Went to a Neuro and he ordered the battery of blood tests and lumbar puncture - Here are the results:

Albumin, CSF                    23           0 - 35 mg/dL
Immunoglobuln G              1090       768 -1632 mg/dL

Immunoglobuln G, CSF      3.7         0.0 - 9.0 ratio
Albumin, Serum                 3650      3500 - 5200 mg/dL
Albumin Index                    6.3        0.0 - 9.0 ratio
CSF IgG Synthesis rate      <0.0      <=8.0 mg/dL

CSF Oligoclonal Bands       Positive (A)
CSF IgG/Albumin Ratio       0.16?    0.09 - 0.25
IgG Index                           0.54      0.28 - 0.66
Oligoclonal Bands               2 (H)     0 - 1 Bands
CSF/Serum Number

Protein, CSF                       48 (H)   15 - 45 mg/dL

Color                        Colorless
Clarity                      Clear
WBC                        1
RBC                         0
Cells Seen on CSF    12
PMN's                       0
Mononuclear Cells     12
RBC                          0
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Hi Investit - sorry you seem to be stuck in Limboland.

I too had what I thought were a bunch of unrelated symptoms, all of which were eventually connected by MS.

I'm not very good at reading bloodworkresultspeak, but I see that there were 2 o-bands found in your CSF. I did not see any mention of o-bands found in your serum (blood). For o-bands to be relevant to MS, they should be unique to your CSF. This means that there are more in your CSF than in your blood. I had non in my blood and >5 in my CSF. Is there any mention of O-bands in your serum anywhere in your results?

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Yes Zero in the serum and just two in my CSF
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Yes you are correct it showed zero in serum
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The Text Book # of unique o-bands for MS is 5. I'm not sure that is an absolute. Have you discussed these results with your neuro?

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