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I'm so embarassed to even be posting this, but I didn't know where else to turn.  I woke up at 3:30am and I had wet myself.  Nota little, but my whole bladder.  Even typing those words brings tears to my eyes.  I'm 30 years old and I seemed to have lost control of a very basic function that I've been in control of for 27+ years.  Is this part of the exacerbation I'm in?  What causes it?  I'm very sad by this right now.  I'm off to get ready for work...my first day back in 2 weeks since the vertigo first struck.  Thanks for being a shoulder for me to lean on right now.  :(  

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Thank you guys so much for your support!  Last night went well, no accidents.  I finally told my husband about mynewest symptoms.  He didn't really know what to say, but he was really supportive.  He told me it's nothing I can help.  He said "We can always blame it on the pets."  I thought this was pretty funny.  :)  I went yesterday and bought some Depends.  I wore them last night and it was very hard for me to do.  Even though I was dry this morning I was glad I had the extra supportive measures.

I just want to say that this forum is so amazing.  At a time where I didn't feel I had many people to turn to, in reality I had tons of them...you guys!  I hate this disease, I hate what it's doing to me.  I keep meaning to post on Heather's emotions thread because I have a lot of them...I just haven't had the opportunity.  I haven't reached the point where I've even begun to embrace this disease.  Every time I think I'm starting, something new happens to me.  I just want you guys to know how very much I appreciate you and all that this forum means to me and everyone.  

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I am so sorry to hear about your trouble.

Don't blame yourself. It is NOT your fault; it is this flipping disease.

That said, I know how humiliating and infuriating this is. People who don't know this disease look at you like you're insane when you run to the bathroom holding yourself.

Again, that is their problem.

Things to do: ask your urologist to determine what exactly is causing your incontinence -- inability to empty your bladder, inability to control the flow, a combination of those, etc. Then go from there.

Possible treatments range anywhere from oral medication (Detrol, etc.) to Botox injections to the bladder to stop the schincter from spasming.

I underwent the latter in June, and it worked so well that I ended up having to do intermittent catherization on myself. But guess what--not peeing on myself after years of incontinence was utter bliss. It was a wonderous shock to me to be able to get in the car for a two-hour shopping trip without wearing a "pee pad," carrying a supply of 5 more "pee pads" in case I needed them, and having the very first thing I did when stepping into the shopping mall being to figure out where the bathroom was and how soon I could get to it.

So have a good cry, drink a glass of water, and with the help of your docs, figure out what to do.

Keep us posted!

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Angela, I've haven't been diagnosed yet, but I went fully incontinent in Nov. 2007 (I'm 41).  My husband has been very supportive through this whole process.  I agree with Quix, take an extra change of cloths "just in case."  I even started carrying a larger purse to keep emergency items with me at all times.  Now, I decided I didn't like getting wet everytime time I turned around (I have absolutely no control - morning, noon or night), so I started using Depends (or generic) full protective underwear.  I don't call them a "pad" or a "diaper," I call them disposable underwear ;) -- cuts down on the wash, ya know?  I also got some washable bed pads - it sure beats having to change the sheets and scrub the bed and let it dry.  I have several, so that I alway have a fresh on to put down.  I even use them on chairs, etc.  I'm hoping that I"ll get put on meds or something to help control this, but in the mean time, these are some of the measures that I'm taking.  I also get that feeling that Quix mentioned, at times I feel like I have warm urine running down my inner thighs - what a weird feeling.  Hope this helps -- just remember, you're not alone.  There are a lot of use dealing with the same issues.
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Thanks for the support.  I did the same thing again last night.  I fell asleep on the couch this time, and woke up in another puddle.  I know it's a symptom, but it really scares me.  I don't know how to tell my husband I keep wetting myself.  I'm sure he will be understanding, but how attractive is it that you just married your 30 year old bride and she wets herself at night.  It's just so frustrating!  I was just diagnosed in November, although I may have been having small symptoms long before.  Is there a certain place where lesions are that cause this?  

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Oh, honey, you don't know how many times we discussed this.  It is soooo common.  At first I had parasthesias feeling like warm water was running down my leg.  It was so embarassing when I was out and didn't want to grab myself.  Then came the last 3 years when, if I don't head to the bathroom in time, I lose the whole bladder.  Lots and lots of mopping the floor.  It makes me afraid to go out in public.

About a month ago I woke up in my recliner in a puddle. My elderly cat sleeps with me and at first I blamed her.  But a whiff, let me know that it was me.  This was my first wetting of the bed.

Please, notify your doc so you can leave a sample off at the lab to be tested for infection.  Don't restrict your fluids except maybe in the evening and try to get a referral to (if possible) a uro-gynecologist.  My Neuro has two available, both women.  But a urologist will do.  

Yes this could be a part of an exacerbation.  But, this is a problem for which they have many treatments.  You wouldn't believe how many of us have complained of this, men and women.  It is not for feeling embarassed or ashamed.  Were you here for our very long and passionate discussion on the problems of constipation?  The topics you think are the most sensitive are the ones people jump into in droves - just waiting for someone to bring up a subject they were embarassed to mention the first time.

Take a change of clothes along with you to work in case of an emergency.  I never travel with out it.  The cashiers won't take it in exchange for merchandise, but I'm always glad I have it.

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Hi, I did this too before I was diagnosed with neurogenic bladder, which means I cannot empty my bladder on my own.  Apparently when I was in deep sleep it finally emptied itself because it was over full.  If you're having to go alot and then just trickle or go very little, you could be having this problem.  Whatever it is, it's nothing to be embarrassed about.  Actually, this will be more proof to doctors there is a problem.  Meds and catheters have made my bladder no longer a problem for me.  

Chin up
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hi angela,

i am so sory . please do not be embarrased... it is nothing you had control of dear. it is emotional timee.

You want to first make sure you do not have infection.

when do you see your neuro next?  The yw ill want to know abou this.
if it is awhile away, give the offf ice a call.
DO you have   a urologist? if not it would be goood time now to have .
There are alot     of meds on the market that they could  let you try.

Try stayin g away from caffine especially today.
but remeebr to stay hydrated, i know it seeems a catch 22 , but it is important.

I remebr the first time i wet  myself, i was in my car stopped aat a red light.
I just knew everyone on o ther cars coule tell!!  thankfully i was on the wway home  and prayed so hard not to haav e a flat tire or the likes:)

hang in there angela...amo

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