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Hi, I have an embarrising question. I work at the computer a few hours a day. When I get up I notice that I have peed my pants. I seem to be leaking while sitting down. I don't feel like I have to go to the bathroom. I have a hard time feeling the urge when I do have to go. Sometimes I feel pressure but that's it. I also have a hard time peeing. I have to strain sometimes while pushing on my bladder to actually go. Does anyone else have this problem? Is it caused by bad nerves or weak muscles from being overweight? I am used to leaking while standing, but leaking while sitting is new.
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Hey, Quix, long time no see. Hugs. I remember you well. Your advice has always been great. I havn't gone to a doc in a long time. I don't have insurance and no money for a clinic. The medical bills from trying to figure this out has been too expensive. Until I collapse I will probably ignore the symptoms or handle them the best I can. It seems thats what doctors always tell me.

Funny you should mention kidneys. I had a kidney infection a few months ago. When I started to pee blood I went to the ER. It's easier to spend the money you don't have on something doctors can see. They gave me some antibiotics and I'm better. I have had problems since the kids were born. I just chalked it up to being overweight plus c-section. The incontinence while sitting is new. Figured I would ask. I have had some numbness down there occasionally. Usually after sitting for a while.

Thanks for being there and remembering me.
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So good to see you.  You were such a part of us in the beginning, back in 2007.  I remember you well.  Are you saying that you haven't been diagnosed yet?!!  What with the optic neuritis x at least 2, the TN, the L'Hermitte's, patchy numbness and paresthesias, weakness, heat intolerance, lesions on MRI, --I could go on, but I wanted to replay one paragraph I wrote to you in September, '07:

"Now.....I am trying to contain my anger and outrage here....I'm sure the forum members saw this coming.  You presented to the doctor with multiple neurologic complaints and suffering.  So they do an MRI of the brain looking for lesions.  So far, so good...  Then, THEY FIND LESIONS!!!! and, what do they do?   Oh!  they write them off as "normal for age."  *&^^#Y()**&^^$$**!!!!  Sputter, spit, stamp my feet!!!!  ...... and regain my composure.  NO.  NO.  and NO!!!. "

Did you ever find a neuro that was worth his/her salt?

Well, whether or not you have MS your incontinence problem is worrisome, embarrassing and will plague you until you can get it analyzed and treated.  

Urinating with the sensation of the urine passing is definitely a sign of a neurologic impairment.  You lack appropriate sensation.  Do you feel numb in your undercarriage?

Urinating that is not under your voluntary control is probably due to neurologic impairment, but also can be due to weak pelvic floor muscles due to age, childbirth and obesity.

Not being able to get the stream going when you want to (especially in a women) can be neurologic, medication-related, or obstruction.  This is called Hesitancy.

Yes, yes and yes.  Many of us have this problem.  You need to see a specialist for this.  Ideally you would see a Uro-Gynecologist.  These doctors specialize in women's plumbing and incontinence.  I am going to bump up a thread for you that we had recently, dealing with incontinence and the nerves that handle the problems.  It's called "Losing it - How we Micturate Properly."

It is important you get this checked soon, if you haven't.  There are some complications to what you are describing that can destroy your kidneys.

Please fill us in on what has been happening.  I pray that you have a diagnosis and are being treated!

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