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Is it MS or not?

I've posted a couple of questions in the Neurology Forum, but a couple of new developments have occurred.  These have caused me to wonder, if the thoughts voiced by my neurologist, might indeed be on target.  He said he was considering the possibilty of MS.  I go for the beginning of diagnostic testing this month--starting with EEGs to rule out seizures.  I'm unsure of where we go after that.  

This week, I desperately sought help from my PCP, for intense muscle contractions.  I've been plagued with this problem for as long as I can remember.  The severe spasms affect all of my muscle groups.  I get them, not only in my extremities, but around my rib cage, in my neck, my diaphragm, my stomach, my back--all over!  I've been pleading for relief from these for years, but have just been given the standard muscle relaxants or less.  

Since they have been increasing in severity and happening so much more regularly, he finally prescribed some Baclofen--even though a definitive diagnosis of anything has not been reached, as of yet.  I've taken it for two days now.  For the first time in ages, I slept last night--without jumping out of bed to straighten or attempting to force my legs, feet, etc., to stop drawing up.  Often, both my legs spasm at once.  Sometimes, all of the different muscles surrounding my legs go off at the same time, preventing me from doing anything, but wait it out.

I also exhibit many of the other symptoms of MS, which was what prompted my neurologist to consider this as a diagnosis.  So far, no lesions have been seen.  Does this rule out MS?  What is aggravating about the situation, is that no explanations have even been offered to answer the questions involved.  I guess I need to strongly encourage a more speedy approach to the testing.  I am physically miserable, and a wreck, emotionally.  

This doctor's office is part of a large institute, located in a huge metro area.  It's difficult to get an appointment.  It takes forever to get in.  I don't want to be pushy or rude, but this is not acceptabe in my book.  Should I just continue waiting, undergo the EEGs in two weeks, and say nothing?  When they come back negative, which I expect, do I go see him anyway--to demand more be done (NOW)?  He's never been in much of a hurry to do anything.  I am unsure if he treats his other patients in the same manner, or not.

Am I off-base here?  Am I just imagining all of my symptoms and complaints?  I told him, as well as my PCP, that I needed the pieces of this puzzle to be put together--that's their jobs as physicians.  How long did it take for many of you to get a diagnosis, plus some kind of treatment begun?  Again, am I totally off-base in this?  I'm beginning to doubt my sanity and my ability to recognize when something is wrong with my health.  I'm confused and would appreciate comments or advice.  Thank you.
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hi Grannymusiclover,welcome to the MS side of MH.  First, please don't doubt your sanity.  Something is wrong with your body and all you want are answers so you can get treatment if that is possible.  

Neurological time moves very slowly........  your frustration with the pace of the doctor is something many others also feel.  There is no rushing a diagnosis of many neurological diseases, particularly MS.

It is very possible to have MS and not have visible lesions.  Have you had a spinal MRI series done?We have agreat health page written on this very topic and you can read it at


Now back to your original question - is it MS?  That we can't say, but it sounds like your doctors are willing to explore all possibilities.  While that happens I hope you will stop through often and ask all of your questions. We're happy to be of help.

be well,
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That question has been asked so many times on our board.  How I wish we could wave a magic wand and give an answer.   All we do know is "something" is wrong and it sounds neurological.  I agree with Lulu time in neuro land is slow moving unless your case is so advanced that it slaps them in the face.

Too, so many things have to be ruled out before a dx of MS.  I would say if this neuro is not willing to move things along and explore for answers, find another.  While the neuro is in no hurry it is our bodies that are being damaged as we sit waiting.  If he is doing everything possible to come up with an answer...running tests, keeping a log of your symptoms, doing a good neurological exam on visits then I would consider him a keeper.

If not, move along to another.  Don't stop searching until a dx makes sense to you.

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