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Is it MS

A few months ago, I got hit with a heavy dizzy spell at the wheel, it felt like when you're tired and stand up right away from laying down, but I didn't do that, as I said I was driving. After that I scheduled a doctors appointment, doctor said he's send in an MRI referral, never heard back, never got sent to get an MRI. Happened again some time after, thought it was just me over thinking things. About a month ago, I started getting light headed (all the time), shaky, spasms, sensitive to temperature (hot and cold), eyesight getting progressively worse (when driving at night the center of my vision seems almost like a blind spot even though I can see), chills, heat in my neck, arms and legs almost like a sunburn, pins and needles, pain in muscles, itching, shortness of breath, coming and going numbness, erratic movements (like my body is twitching into position instead of just moving like I want it too) doing relatively anything makes me weak, short term memory is almost non existent, senses seem dulled but at the same time I over react to all of them (example; Sight is worse and things seem darker but at the same time light hurts), motion sickness when I never had it before, smelling spray paint and ammonia even though there is none, buzzing sensation (no sound just sensation), numbness in throat, staring at a computer screen makes it all feel worse, and i think I've been having very subtle hallucinations in my peripheral vision (Thinking a light is on when it's not, seeing something off on a TV picture that isn't off when I look directly at it).
Finally got approved for an MRI NO contrast, got it, everything came back normal except for a cyst that is taking of my full maxillary sinus on my left side. I went into an ENT he thinks that could have contributed to a couple symptoms but not all of them. I also noticed some weird spots like holes on my bran and a couple places that look weird, can someone please tell me what they look like? Does it look like MS? Did they miss something because there was no contrast? Please help...

Photos at:

https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157687378809342     (Marked areas I noticed close up shows where I marked them)
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Hi and welcome,

You have far far too much going on for a neurological condition like MS, its basically happening all over, in all peripherals, there's honestly far too many different types of symptoms and this has all developed very rapidly over a month or two, non of which is suggestive or consistent with how a neurological condition like MS presents....

I had a look at your MRI's (btw you can post pictures in your medhelp profile page) i do not see what you think looks like lesions, i would suggest you take a look at online example of MS brain images to give you a better understanding of what an abnormal MRI is expected to look like. see one reliable site below


I would suggest you see your family doctor and have blood work to rule out most things that could cause all that you have going on..

Hope that helps....JJ
thank you very much, any idea what the lumps are? i know it would be a different topic but is that odd formation a normal thing to see?
I reread your list of symptoms and didn't see 'lumps' do you mean the maxillary sinus cyst?

If you do, i really only know that its a maxillary thickening or cyst are very common incidental findings. The cysts are small pockets of tissue, often filled with pus that are 'usually' healed naturally by the body but sometimes they can get too large or infected and need require antibiotics and or removal.

I think they are often associated with sinus infections and infections of the upper molars but that's about all i know.....

Hope that helps.....JJ
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