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Is it normal with MS to black out?

I went to a friends house that’s in an air park a few days ago. My friend says that I kept telling her I was nauseous. When I left people are telling me that I stopped at a stop sign, when I proceeded I lightly hit the wing of a mans airplane. I proceeded to the front of the neighborhood and stopped. Someone got in front of my car (not smart), and I supposedly clipped them too. I turned around and drove back to the mans house who owned the airplane.
I can’t remember any of it! EMS took me to the hospital where they ran all kinds of test. No drugs were found in my system. I’m still in shock about it all, nor can I remember any of it.
I was diagnosed with MS in 2010 and am on the treatment Tysabri. Has anyone every heard of anything like this happening? I’m so scared!
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Hi and welcome,

I'm assuming you didn't relapse and this was a temporary situation with recovery some hours later - What you might have experienced is cognitive dysfunction (cog-fog) in it's 'extreme', your not alone in experiencing this, at least 50% of pwMS experience cognitive issues and there are a few commonly known situations that make cog fog much worse than your everyday cognitive norms eg weather temperature ie heat intolerance, sleep deprivation, depression, medications, physical and mental fatigue, stressful situations etc

I would highly recommend you contact your neuro and arrange for cognitive testing with the view of better understanding of your specific cognitive issues and arrange to start cognitive rehabilitation, with the addition of learning which tips and tricks and preventative measures will help with your specific cognitive situation. Below is a good article on the different types of cognitive issues common to MS...


I hope this helps.....JJ
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