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Is mild Hypothermia common with MS

Is mild Hypothermia common with MS?
From the quick research, online, I have done today, hypothermia with MS is considered "rare", but is not unusual.

Hypothermia: Abnormally low body temperature. The condition needs treatment at body temperatures of 35C (95 F) or below. And hypothermia becomes life threatening below body temperatures of 32.2 C (90 F).

My core body temperature is generally 96.7 (i.e. 96.7 degrees is normal for me).
My core body temperature can fall lower, the lowest I can recall was 96.3 degrees (that doesn't mean it has not gone lower).
Maybe this explains, how I can be sitting in a room 80 degrees or even higher, yet still feel like "I'm freezing".

It's Summer, and I am sitting in my bedroom, the room temperature is 79.9 degrees, and my body is cold "to the touch" and I feel like I'm freezing.

Guess the "mild hypothermia" might explain, why my body is reacting this way.

What are your thoughts, on MS related "mild hypothermia"?

-- Socrates
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Sounds like you may have a Vitamin B-12 Deficiency otherwise known as Pernicious Anemia. I get cold very easily, to the point of shivering. GP says this cold hand cold feet feeling is related to Pernicious Anemia. Get a blood test on your Vitamin-B level.
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I did a google search on 'Hypothermia and MS' and got a truck load of hits, common thread seems to be a lesion in the hypothalamus, though i'd say there is not enough research out yet. Autonomic temperature controls seems to be a more common problem for MSers, which might be what your issue is, rather than hypothermia as such.

If you do come up with some answers please let me know, as I think i've mentioned before, I'm cold too! Hopefully someone wiser will have some answers for you btw what has your doc's said about your temperature problems?


PS Isn't Pernicious Anemia a more common dx in women over 60 and as you are neither....

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No insurance, so I'm not able to see my Neurologist, I last saw him back in May, I think.

So, we know how each of us feels then, huh.

I was accepted for Social Security Disability, back in May, but I'm not eligible for Medicare for two years (i.e. January 2012).

Until then, I cannot afford insurance, on my own, and my doctor does not give discounts (if you know what I mean).  So, until 2012, I'm on my own.

-- Socrates
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socrates2k1 Yes it is more common in older people, but it just happens that I was diagnosed with it. Both of my Grandfathers had it, so I have the hand I was dealt.
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Well that S_U_C_K_S!!!

I wonder if you could try one of the online 'ask a dr' type sites, preferably one that doesn't cost anything, I can try and find one for you if you like?

Curiosity but apart from the cold to the touch skin and feeling like an ice cube, do you also get visual skin changes too? I still have my ice cold techno-colored feet but the purple in my left foot can travel up past my knee, though i dont really feel any different.

Chilled to the bone is usually how i describe it, lol i'm wearing a woolen scarf and hat inside and my son has only got a t.shirt on. I do think with me its all to do with my blood flow being way off, in cold weather i'm the purple people eater but in summer i'm in agony as the bloods to thick to flow throw my veins, the veins swell and bulge out, I also blow them in my hands.

Anyhoo, someone else must have an answer to your questions!!


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So glad I found this thread. I am habitually cold to the point it seems irrational to other people. I see my neurologist soon so I will ask to have my vitamin b levels tested. I have a brain full of lesions. I will need them to see how much impacts my hypothalamus.
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I was hospitalized for hypothermia August 9, 2015. MRI showed clouding spots. Said from concussions. I had double vision November 2017. Obstetrician gave me new glasses. March 2018 double vision again and stager walking. MRI found lesions and spinal tap March 26 to confirm. Then the fight begins
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My hypothermia all blood work came back good. I was healthy they said. Didn’t have insurance so I didn’t follow up. Now I have insurance
Hi Ben,  so NOW you should follow up for sure, right?  Everyone should be able to have their health taken care of so am sorry you had to wait on insurance.  So, you have an appointment on march 26?
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