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Is this MS????

I’ve had horrible symptoms lately and I’m not sure of the cause . My vision is blurry , I’m tingling all over , I have a strange metallic taste in my mouth, I’m very confused and cannot think properly , extremely dizzy and have vertigo at times . My anxiety is very high .
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Hi and welcome,

What you are describing isn't uncommon to many different types of medical conditions but MS basically because of the way lesion damage presents and develops over time, MS is not the type of medical condition that can typically cause any symptom to be 'all over', in all peripheral limbs, in random locations, move around the body etc.

If this has also happened over a very short time frame eg days, weeks, months your symptom presentation and symptom pattern would be other red flags pointing away, so what ever this is it would be very unlikely to be caused by a neurological condition like MS and more likely to be caused by something else.

Many of the typical common causes that would explain most of your symptoms your family physician should be able to rule in or out with the usual blood tests.....the "metallic taste" may be additionally helpful in narrowing the potential causes down even further but keep in mind the metallic taste could actually be a side effect of many different types of medications, allergy related or a secondary dental issue developed or worsened because your unwell...

The systemic diseases that are associated with a 'metallic taste' in the mouth that i'm aware of are vitamin B-12 deficiency, Diabetes, Hyperparathyroidism, Sjögren's syndrome, Sarcoidosis, there are many other's though i'm just unfamiliar with the others.

In regards to your anxiety being "very high", there are many medical conditions that can cause and or worsen mental health issues, so your best option is to see your family physician and get some general testing started and IF you think you need extra help with your anxiety, please seriously consider seeking support and advice from a qualified mental health physician too!

I hope that helps.......JJ
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THankyou for replying ! My symptoms have been so strange . The tingling is mostly in my hands , feet and face. It’s almost like a numbness . I’m going to a neurologist to make sure it’s nothing neurological.
I hope you come back and tell us what your neurologist says.  Best of luck to you!
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