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Is this ms?

I just went to a neuropsychologist and found I have severe memory and cognitive problems. Mostly language and memory problems. I have suffered with fatigue and couldn't stay awake all day for most of my life after 17yrs. I don't notice muscle problems but when I work out I notice my joints are soar and I get tingling in my wrists. My elbows can't take a lot of strain. I always have lower back pain. I've suffered from depression and anxiety for 15 years.I get migraine headaches once a year where my tongue goes numb and I get tingling in one of my arms. I have so many brain dysfunctions with the severe memory problems( that weren't always there) severe uncontrollable anxiety. I can't have a boyfriend because when I fall in love I have motor skill problems, disorientation, worse memory problems ect. Is this sexual disfunction? Is this a slow onset of MS? I have all the top symptoms. I urinate frequently and I've had bowel problems throughout the years at times
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First of all welcome.
I am curious, did your neuropsycologist order any blood work or MRIs?
That would be the first step definately.  You can't get any real answers until you start looking.
Did the Dr diagnose you with anything?
You are right to come here as many people here have alot of the same problems as you (and I am sorry your list is so long).  some have MS, some are undiagnosed.  Either way they are great help and support.

Let us know more when you can.  I do hope you get answers soon

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Hi Cutice,
Welcome to the MS forum.  I'm sorry you are going through such difficult times and have been for so long.

What did this neuropsych recommend after you were done with the testing?  

With what you've told us I would not even want to begin guessing as to what is wrong. There is lots on information about MS on our health pages and I hope you will read some of this to learn more.  

Please come back and let us know what the doctor has suggest next for you.

my best,
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