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Itching? Here's an answer....

I accidentally stumbled across an answer to this question on a website I hadn't seen before - you can ask questions of the experts but I don't know much more....

The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation answer a question about itching and here is their answer

"What is pruritis in multiple sclerosis (MS)?

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation answered: One of the rare but not unheard of symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) is pruritis (itching), which can be included in the category of sensory abnormalities known as "dysesthesias." Because this type of itching is neurologically based, it does not respond to topical treatments like those used in allergic reactions. Anti-epileptic medications (gabapentin, carbamazepine, and phenytoin) are sometimes helpful in treating this problem."

this is from sharecare . com/question/what-pruritis-in-multiple-sclerosis#answer_4e8e12fc1e97a6_86901963

They have a number of questions and answers about MS listed and I hope you find them useful.
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  This is very good information Lu...  Thanks.  I find that the Ms Foundation is very helpful to answer all these questions.  


  Take care.....  I hope your doing well lu with your injections.  I love hear about positive feedback  with injections.

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I hear that lidocaine is actually effective in treating a neurological itch.  I've never tried it, though.  I get pinprick pains, cold sensations, burning sensations, buzzing... but haven't had itching yet!
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A few months ago I broke my toe and a bone in my foot because I didn't know where my feet were and walked straight into the washing machine.  Idiot hey!

Anyway it didn't hurt just itched like crazy.  When I told the neuro about it, he said that pain and itch receptors use the same pathway and when you get messed up neurologically pain is sometimes perceived as an itch.

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I have itching on my face frequently since my flare in March, it reoccured in June and is happening again right now. It comes with some fine needle stabbing pains so it sort of feels like a reaction to the pain. I am wondering when I'm flared if people think I might have a tic I itch my face enough... lol.
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