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It's Monday - what's everyone doing?

I personally have no medical issues, Diesel hopefully gets her stitches out today, she's 6 months and 52 pounds and a handful but is making progress with her training and husband has his first cataract surgery on Wednesday, with follow appointments, all week, so I get to play nurse.

I'm still waiting for a new infusion center to be "okayed" as I missed my April one over an argument with the finance dept.  My medicare deductible had not been satisfied and it was deducted from their bill.  So, unwilling to wait 10 days til my social security payment came in, they said basically "no $$, no infusion.  
So Biogen has been working on it but paperwork has to be exchanged and run by medicare, etc., before a new site will take you.  

So I am experiencing what people go thru when they go off of Tysabri and have to wait the 3 months for a new product.  It's not been fun for me!

Hope everyone has a good week, the weather is warming up, get your gel packs in the freezer and if you don't have one, contact MSAA and get a cooling vest and gel packs.  They are FREE.

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Hi Sarah,

How important are the cooling vests?  I was only dx last month and going to Florida in June.  I'm in the middle of a relapse but have no experience with whether or not it will get worse for me in the summer.  Does it always/do you think I should get a vest just in case/are they very noticeable when worn?

Thanks for any input!

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Hi, Lauren.  No everyone is affected by the hot weather, but most of us are.  The cooling vests are good but limited.  One of the best things you can do for yourself is stay hydrated with lots of water, take advantage of air conditioning and being in the ocean/gulf waters.  If you are out at the amusement parks, take advantage of the many inside locations you can stop at, rest a bit and cool off before going back into the heat.  The heat can be brutal but if you are smart, you can work around it, sort of!!

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it's nice to see the weekly post going - ~I have my infusion today so I'm good for another 28 days.  I saw the mS nurse about the possibility of a relapse - she thinks it probably isn't but residual fallout from a perfect storm of a couple vigorous infections i can't shake and a stress fracture in my foot.  Even if it was a relapse, treating with steroids is not an option because that would interfere with the healing of the bone.

Students graduated this past weekend and this week we have a number of adult events on campus, and then next week it will be very quiet.  I have to work until June 15 until I am off for the summer if my foot will hold up.  The CT scan results will be read this week and I see the podiatrist again on Monday to hear his recommendations.

Despite my best efforts, this aging gracefully thing is just not happening!

hugs to all, Laura
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Apart from a busy day today, not too much happening this week.  A new class of students start Thursday and then my usual class is back on Friday.

Our 8 lb 5 oz  rabbit developed a huge abscess in her dewlap late last week so had surgery to have that removed today.  She's eating and drinking already, only four hours after surgery.  She has to stay inside for the next two weeks so that should be interesting.  She's reasonably toilet trained, but not completely!!  The cat is not impressed either, considering rabbit is bigger than she is.  
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I'm continuing to be in PT to strengthen my right hip flexors.  This has been very successful in the last month.  My gait is markedly improved.

I have started meditating again - no idea why I waited so long to start again.  It is making a starling improvement in my mental energy, which translates into a modest increase in physical energy.  It's easer to initiate doing the things I want to do.  And it's easier to carry through with them.  Yay.

The cats are all reasonably happy.  Clyde is delighted that the good weather is bringing out the garter snakes.  This delights me so much, too.


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I am heading off for a holiday this week so I am pretty excited about that at the moment. I am still having problems from what I believe was a flare which came on in February, but I have improved in many ways, just not as much as I would have liked.

I am only having 5 days holiday but I am going to eat what I want without worrying about the calories & relax followed by some more relaxing. I am starting a rehab program in June which will hopefully improve some of the areas I am struggling with.

Sorry to hear about your foot Lulu. I had a pin & plate put in mine after 6 months of no healing which was about 25 years ago when I was a teenager lol.

Have a good one everybody & take care,

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