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Johnny, Kitt and Quix

Reposted here for entire forum:

Hi, I am fairly new to the forum and have not been diagnosed yet.  I am trying to learn as much as I can though.  Thank you for sharing. The fatigue you explained is exactly what I experience.  I wake up on my off days and say I'll do this and that.  I hate a dirty house...and am a little OCD.  I have good intentions but it seems I can't muster the get going to do it.  I don't refer to it as lazy because I know that I am not.  I ust to keep an immaculant house.  I thought it might be depression but it's not that I don't want to do it, I just can't get going.  Then when I do I tire so easily.  I never had this problem before as I get immense pleasure from keeping a tidy house and seeing things get accomplished. Thanks for the insight.

Kitt and Quix,

I did not know that sweating could be a sign.  I also didn't know sleep problems were common, otherwise I would have mentioned these on my timeline.  I had an episode ohh about 6 months ago of night sweats (not TB related) that would leave me and the entire bed drenched.  It lasted about 3 weeks then stopped all of a sudden just when I was getting ready to consult a doctor.  

I have always had sleep problems for as long as I can remember.  Is this a late or early problem?  

Also, Quix, what are the usual symptoms of childhood onset MS besides ON?  Thought you might know since you were a Pediatrician.  

Thanks for your help,

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Hi Angel,

  Glade I could offer some helpful info. OCD seems to be a commen thing and was actually listed in a handout from the seminar I attended in Sept. Yeah, I have tons of things to do and gettingg one or two done on my days off is about all I get done. Lots of pretty simply stuff but somehow it doesn't get done.

  I'm at work right now and will try to post a little more in a day or so.

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I really know very little about childhood onset MS.  I remember reading that it presents much like adult MS, but the MRI can have a different look and it may be confused with ADEM.  I'd have to look it up.  But, I did post a link to an article on childhood MS to Vera from Hong Kong very recently.  So if you check my recent posts to her on her long thread you'll find it.

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