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It's that time again! What's happening with you this week?

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Nothing to exciting for me this week. The plant is on shutdown, so I'm neck deep in projects, wiring panels, and such. I do have an MRI this evening, although I'm not sure of what area it is of, lol. My wife and daughter is on vacation starting Wednesday, so the rest of the week is pretty much unplanned for me. I'm really looking forward to the promised colder weather front that is supposed to moving in.

I hope everyone has a great week planned!

Have a great day!
Johnny D.
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I have VERY exciting plans.  On Sunday my sister and I will drive about 3 hours north and join Lulu, her hbby and a friend of theirs in a cabin on the south side of Mount Ranier for the day.  Whoopeee!

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All that is planned for this week is a TB test on Thursday.

QuixL Take me with you please! :) Mount Ranier is where I first fell in love with nature at the age of 9,  

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I'm JEALOUS! I want to go to Mt. Ranier!!!! It's beautiful there! Got room in the trunk or on the hood as a hood ornament??

Instead I have an interview with the company hired by former employer to handle my SSDI claim tomorrow.

Wed. - PT

Have a great time Quix with Lu and company!!!!!

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Mt Rainer, huh?  That sounds like a lot of fun.  My cousins have a cabin up there somewhere.  If you get a chance, drive up the mountain and take pictures.  We were there in July, and there was still snow on the ground.  Granted, it was mostly muddy, dirty snow - but still snow.

I have nothing at all going on this week.  Just got two video games, and I've got a new roll of leather to play with, so it looks like I'll be inside for the 4th.
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I too have a super exciting week planned.  I have my first appointment with my new PCP here in Ann Arbor.  I am hoping that we hit it off right away.  She is from the University of Michigan, so that's a good thing.

That's about it, I don't have plans for the long weekend.  I am thinking about buying some fabric and making new pillows though.   Exciting huh"

I always live on the edge:-)

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I have first counseling session today...first speech therapy session tomorrow and pcp appointment on Wednesday.

I am completely and utterly available for SUNDAY (hint hint).  Does it count that I have NEVER been there?  I have bungee cords!  If Dennis is in the car and ren is the hood ornament, then I can just be bungeed to the roof!

Quix and Lulu, have a great time!!  And, RF - good luck with new doc!!

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Oooops!  Good luck with MRI today Johnny!
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No hospital appointments but a busy week with all sorts of other appointments for either the kids or me (new hair highllights..hooray my roots need serious attention!!)

My wonderful 82 year old godmother is staying "to look after me as my hubbie has just gone back to Afghanistan" and she is an example of how to stay well and keep going. She had breast cancer last year and has been thorugh many other health concerns and  has such aposiitive approach to laugh and she laughs forever! Laughter is a great tonic.

My sister is also coming to stay this week so that will be fun and for the rest of the time life is just about managiing having my three teenage kids home (although one is now 20) and feeding them etc etc...many of you with larger families know all about it.

Enough blathering on..have a great week everyone.

Love Sarah xxxx

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Neuro, this morning.  Results of nerve conduction study.

And for the rest of the week - Nothing!  First time in months.  My to do list is backed up to about 2002, so I guess I'll spend the rest of the week sitting around thinking of things to add to it. LOL.

Realy, I'll spend alot of time in the garden watching the weeds grow.  (real exciting life I have here.......Hey Addi, you there?

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Had neuro appt today.  I still have to process how I feel about it.  (hint: he told me, "You look good, great in fact.")

Have PCP appt tomorrow.  Dr. Jill always brings me back to positive thoughts.

Need to get that new laptop out of the box.  It's been sitting there for a couple of weeks now.  Pretty soon it will go obsolete before use.

FYI:  I too played in Mt. Ranier snow in July.  Tell Lulu to enjoy herself.  She's only missing more heat and humidity in Ohio.


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I know I have an appointment this week, but don't know with who or what day.  It helps to write stuff down when you have really terrible short-term memory.    Maybe it will come to me BEFORE the appointment so I don't get a "no show" fee. Then again, it might serve me right.  :)
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