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Jury Duty

Well, now what do I do?  I received a summons for jurry duty.  Mind you, I am a stay at home mother of two pre schoolers.  I dont have anyone to keep them during the day.  I do not have daycare.  They pay jurrors 25/day if you are chosen.  This will not cover daycare for two children.  If I am not chosen then I am just out the cost of a sitter for the first day.  UGGG
So, I could blame MS.....I could tell them that I am just not u to it.  I want so bad to play the "Don't bother me, I don't feel good" card, but I don't think that I should.  So, if i don't beg ou with MS, what am I suposed to do with the children??  Any advice???
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I was excused!  If it were not for the children, I really would not mind.  As long as I can take notes, I am still the calculus teacher.  Maybe they would not want me, to left brained, and too prone to overanalyze!  :-)  thanks for all of the support!

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To answer risnerrose question.  Speaking for myself, yes.  Though my symptoms are mostly invisible to the outside world, no one would benefit from having me as a juror.  Sitting for long periods of time would cause me a great deal of pain.  I'd be squirming.  Then I'd have to interrupt the court for many tinkle breaks. I'd be so uncomfortable that I could not pay attention.  I avoid unnecessary suffering so I'd take pain medication and then I'd be groggy.

Being excused is a legitimate reason because I would not serve well.  
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Just curious now . . . do you all consider MS to be a legitimate reason to be excused from duty?  

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I've been called several times, enough to know the process varies not only from state to state, but here in Ohio, it varies from county to county.  The two times I served were in Franklin County (Columbus), which is, I pray, among the most abusive systems around with regard to how it treats the potential jurors.  Both times I wasted two solid weeks, once in Municipal Court and once a few years later in Common Pleas.  Not once did I reach the point where I deliberated or cast a vote.  It cost more to park and eat there than they paid the jurors.

My wife, on the other hand, served two weeks in Common Pleas, and voted on three juries involving serious crimes.  That was, wow, over 22 years ago.  Time flies.
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I served on the grand jury a few years ago.  The first question the judge asked was if anyone was the primary caregiver for children, ill family, or elderly.  They were excused immediately.  There were so many retired citizens willing to serve that it worked out well.  Luck of the draw maybe, but hopefully it will work out for you too.  Good luck,  Alli

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When I got summonsed they said child care was no excuse and I was lying if I said I didn't have family or anyone that could watch my kid.  Nice system we have.  I didn't have MS at the time.  I just didn't go.  Hope I don't get arrested or something. LOL!
I had several "extensions" and they told me that was no longer acceptable.  
I haven't had a summons in a while.  
I hope you get excused for the childcare.
And honestly I would have mentioned the MS because the stress financially of finding child care may not be healthy for you.

Best of luck
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I called the court.  She said to put it in writing.  So I snet them the following letter.  She said that some mothers come with children it tow.  One judge actually told the mother that he would re-schedule her when she could find child care!  Of all of the crazy things!

Here is the letter:

Office of Circuit Clerk:

I have received a jury summons for March 23, 2009.  My voter number is 754799. The Panel is C. The summons is for the Circuit Court of Harrison County in Gulfport.

I am requesting to be excused for the following reasons:  I am a stay-at-home mother of two pre-school children.  I have no child care options, and no family member available to care for them.  If I am to register them in daycare for the week of March 23rd, the registration fees would be $100, and the tuition for the week would be $180.  I do not have this kind of money.  If the court chooses to pay for the child care, I would be more than happy to serve.  From what I understand, the fee given to a juror is $25/day.  This is a total of $125/wk.  That leaves me $155 short. I do not have that kind of extra money.

Please call at the above number to let me know of your decision.

I guess that we will see what happens.

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When my kids were small and I got a summons, there was a place on the form to state that you are a full-time mom and they accepted that as a legitimate excuse.  Have things changed that much?  I don't know if you need to use the MS card just yet.  Try to explain the epense of child care and see what happens.  If that's not good enough for them, then pull the MS card.  I hope our society hasn't become so hard-hearted that stay-at-home mom's are expected to fork over lots of money for child care just to do their civic duty especially with the economy the way it is right now.  Every dollar counts.  

I hope you can work this out with the court.  I bet you will!

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I am in Canada so I don't know what the deal is in the U.S. but when I was called I put on the form that I have MS and my symptoms are exacerbated by stress and I suffer from chronic fatigue...I was excused from duty no problem.  Usually if you have a chronic condition that can be affected by the condition that may be elicited from such a situation as jury duty they don't want you because they could possibly have to excuse you during the trial and that would mess up the whole situation...they want healthy people with the ability to sit for long hours and also have no problem with memory or communication which in some of us is seriously affected by MS.  I wouldn't worry too much about it...just tell it like it is honey!

Lots of Hugs,
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I was recently called to serve.  I explained (on a given form) that I had MS, which often brought on unexpected fatigue (among other things).  I was excused from duty.
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I agree with saveone; call the court.  If necessary, call your doctor(s).  I'd offer to watch the kids (Lord knows your weather must have ours beat ;D), but all my vacation time's been used up by illnesses, as well as several funerals. :(  I'd wonder if the stress of serving as a juror might not help exacerbate your symptoms, and neither you nor your family needs that.
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Call the court and ask them :)
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