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Just diagnosed and freaking out

Please help.  I was diagnosed w/MS last Thursday, and can do nothing but cry since.  I"m a mess.  I have difficulty walking, and it is a constant reminder that it is there.  I have three small children, and it kills me to think that they will have to take care of me.  

I am very anxious to start treatment.  I have two brain lesions, and nothing showed on my cervical spine, but the dr. seems to think there is something there based on my symptoms.

Does anyone have a single word of advice or encouragement?  
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We are all so sorry you have joined us in the world of Diagnosed patients, but the good side is this is not a disease that will kill you.  

There have been so many advances with the treatment options with disease modifying drugs that offer great hope to slow the disease down.

None of us will sugar coat the truth for you - but there are a lot of diseases out there that could be a heck of a lot worse.  

Please stop and take a deep breath - I won't tell you try to relax because right now you have too many thoughts and ideas to process.  Relaxing about this will come with time.

For now, please spend some time educating yourself about MS.  Please stay here with us and ask all the questions you need to .... this is a very smart and compassionate community.

We're really in this together....
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Hi, pixijl.  I am not sure if you have posted before so just in case you haven't let me say welcome.

I am sorry to hear of your dx.  I think most of us can relate to freaking out, if not over a dx then over the symptoms we have.

First, understand MS is not a fatal disease say like cancer.  It can be hard to live with but most people live a somewhat normal life.  

Second, take time to read the health pages.  The icon is located in the upper right hand corner. There is a lot of good information there.  Also I would suggest you surf some of the MS societies.  They provide excellent information.

Third, would you post a little more of your experience...symptoms, how you got your dx, etc.

Fourth, know this is a wonderful place filled with caring and loving people.  No question is considered stupid or off limits.  Ranting is okay also.  Everyone needs to have a pity party at one time or another and someone will always be here to help you through it.

Wishing the peace and strength to come to terms with your new experience.

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Hi Pix,

Welcome to our family here! I think coming along and joining us is going to help you immediately.  

I'm so glad you are not afraid to tell us how you are feeling.  It's important you know you can be honest here.  How long have you had the walking problems? You may see major improvements as some do.  I know my walking has gotten much better since my 1st attack.  Some issues are here to stay, but I'm grateful for the ones that improved.

I would say that for now you may get some peace of mind by just take things day-by-day, and hour by hour.  When it's really bad, minute-by-minute.  That is what I did.  It was all I could do to get through each minute it for quite a long time.  

If this is where you are at right now, no sense in thinking too far into the future and adding more stress to your current condition.  Worry about that when you have the energy and strength to do so.  It will come, and know we are here w/you.

Nice to meet you, and thanks for coming along,
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   I am sorry that you are scared and freaking out. You are going through a difficult time right now so it is important to know that you are entitled to have a melt down before picking yourself back up and going forward.

You are already taking great steps by reaching out and I know that you will find support and answers here that will help you when you need it most. I have received great support here so I speak from experience.

  My children were 2 & 5 when I first got sick and I thought I wouldn't be around to help them grow up. They are now 20 & 23 so have faith. As others have said, it could be worse (your dx). It does s*ck but you can now become involved and informed and be stronger for the battle. You will have great times in the future, not every day will feel scary.

My biggest recommendation is that you get a neurologist that you like and respect. If you already have that fantastic! If not, once you have a chance to calm down and settle in it would be good to find one that you feel comfortable and confident with. It will make your treatment 10x better.

Keep us posted on your progress & don't hesitate to reach out for help

Erin :)

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Hello, and welcome!

I'm not diagnosed, so I don't know exactly how you're feeling, but I can imagine.  I've been on this forum for over a year now, so I've seen a lot of people go through what you're going through right now.  Each in their own way, but they all eventually came to terms with this news and accepted it.

This is a wonderful place to be.  There is so much to learn, so many caring people to help answer questions, listen, offer a shoulder to cry on, and help celebrate the good things that happen, too.

I'm glad you came to us and hope you find comfort and friendship here.

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