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Just got my 3rd MRI back - New lesion found

I think I may be getting closer to some sort of diagnosis.
The new MRI done on Wednesday stated

No acute infarct or intracranial hemorrhage. Multiple deep white matter lesions as well as a single lesion in the right pontomedullary junction region. These lesions are stable in appearance from prior examination there is no abnormal enhancement no significant mass effect or midline shift. The ventricles and extraaxial spaces are normal

No significan change in mulitple bilateral deep white matter lesions None of these enhance.
These can be seen with demyelinating disease. (first time this has ever been stated)

Note he didnt mention in his conclusion about the new lesion found in the pontomedullary junction from what I understand is the brain stem.

Any thoughts ...

Quix I wish you were here to take a look and see what you think.

Thanks everyone, I couldnt ask for any better support then all my friends here at MedHelp.

Dawn hugs to everyone!!!!
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Hi Quix,
I was hoping you could take a quick look at my post.
Thanks so much
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Hi, Kiddo.   From the wording of the report it sounds like the lesion in the ponto-medullary junction was there on the prior report.  Was it not mentioned in the prior report?

Far fewer things cause lesions there.  this should help push you toward a diagnosis.

If the neuro is still hemming and vacillating, you can ask what disorders cause multiple lesions, not only in the brainm but also in the brainstem?

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Hi Quix,
Thanks so much for getting back to me....I love it when you are on the blog.

The brainstem lesion is new.
I did a comparision of all three and there is no mention of a brainstem lesion in the prior two reports.
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You can request a new reading of the MRI with specific mention to whether the lesion in question is or is not new.  Just contact the radiology department.  You need to have this clarified on the record.

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Thanks Quix, I will take care of it Monday. LP is next Friday.
Will keep you posted
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