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Just made a FATAL error, need help:(

Hi Everyone,

My error??  I Googled!

I have been having a pain on my right hand side, just below my ribcage, so I went to the Dr’s and he gave me a good examination, and told me that I had problems with my Colon.

He said it was full.  I explained that I have been constipated (as he knew from my last visit to him) but now I was using the loo several times a day – which I thought was good, without the aid of any med., or change of diet – BUT I have lost even more weight over 8lb in 10 days  - if not less than that.

He gave me prescription for a load of drugs to get me moving, (know idea why, as I am going a lot) and then said that he wanted me to have a scan ASAP!  He went on the ‘phone immediately and booked me in for Friday.  This is NOT like my Dr at all!

OK fine I thought, at least he’s doing his job, but he looked really concerned.

When I queried his concern he said ‘don’t worry it’s all to do with the MS, and having a slow digestive system’ which I agreed – I already knew that.

When I went to see him the last time about the same problem, again he examined me, but just gave some meds.

Now, and this was my fatal mistake, I came home and Googled ‘problems with colon’  jeepers, it came up with CANCER, as being the main source of problems.  Believe me I was in NO WAY expecting THAT:/

Now I am absolutely scared out of my wits and crying me eyes out.  I have already done 1 enema and nothing happened, and I have taken all the other drugs that he has given me.  We have a Holiday here in France on Thursday, so he  was not able to book me in He spoke rapid fire French to the person on the other end of the ‘phone, but I understood the word URGENCY alright:/

On Friday when I have the scan, I will have the results immediately (French Health Care is superb), but he is unable to see me on Friday, as they have a ‘Pont Jour’  which means that they have to, by Law, take a ‘bridge day’ that’s the translation of Pont Jour.

I cannot express enough the worry and concern on his face.

I need your help my friends to get me through this, and sorry for the long Thread.

Hugs to all

Debs xxxxxxx
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Awew sweety, hang in there... It is only a possibility.... So just relax.. I know it's scarry when you don't know...  But I'm sure there are other things he could be thinking of... I will be praying for you!!
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Just remember - googling doesn't make it so.

I doubt he would have ordered an enema if he suspected cancer.   You can choose to believe what he told you and live per usual through the weekend. Find something more interesting and fun to occupy your restless mind.

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Hey Debs,

I think you should take a breath, (breeth in 1 2 3 4 now relax, breeth in 1 2 3 4 and relax) at this stage, its nothing more than your colon is playing up, that you know, right!? In your condition (MS) its not good to have all that natural waste in your system, it could affect other aspects of your health.

It could simply be that for someone with out MS, the usua; time it takes to rectify the problem is fine but for someone with a co-existing condition, its better to err on the side of causion and investigate instead of speculate!

I got worried a couple of weeks ago, my brothers dr did a similar thing and with colon cancer in the family, we all thought the worse but it was only an inflamation of the colon that was causing problems and he had to take antibiotics but that was it.

Please try and calm your self and not think the worst, it could be nothing. You know stress and MS are not good, take that deep breath or you'll stress your self into a pseudo relapse, so take a deep breath 1 2 3 4 and relax!

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Gotta ditto what DawnYM just said.  In counseling class, we were taught (among a host of other things) that almost none of the things about which we fret ever actually happen.  The most stressful thing we endure is our own mind imagining all sorts of possibilities.  The odds of any of them coming true are next to nil.

For example, do you think the doc's concerned expression could be because he didn't order a scan the last time you went to him for this problem?  He could be anxious because he thinks he let you suffer unnecessarily.  How long ago was that other visit?

Now, all of that having been said, if Google says it could be cancer, than I suspect that it perhaps MIGHT be cancer.  I know a little something about colon cancer; I lost my dad to it almost 30 years ago.  However, 30 years is an eternity in medical research -- lifetimes, really.  Colon cancer, if I recall correctly, is now one of the most successfully treated of all internal cancers.  You noted that French health care is excellent.  Have a drop or two of faith in it.  If this were life-threatening, would he not have sent you directly to the hospital?

Regardless, we are right now asking your Creator to clear this concern from your life, just as soon as He wills.

Peace & blessings.
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Ditto to the other two, too.
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First, I wanna say that I see nothing wrong with running Google searches for information which gives us knowledge. Just remember, the most reputable sites are on the first page, and I highly recommend Mayoclinic, Webmd, and cdc.gov.

Nothing shocks me anymore when it comes to doctors and what they say. No disrespect to your doctor, but in my opinion, to say it's ALL due to MS is just wrong! Not that this is gonna make you feel any better, or maybe it will, (hoping!) but there's also bacteria/parasites/ulcers/stones that cause the same symptoms. Been there, done that, no fun! (loved the weight loss, though! ;)

I've had constipation problems ever since I was 14 years old. By the time I hit my mid 20's, it got so bad, that I had to give myself a "hand" to remove the stool, which I learned from being a CNA. If I never would have learned that, I probably would have gotten sicker, because at times it felt I was digging out rocks. It was normal for me to NOT go to the bathroom for 7 days at a time and I never knew anything different! Talk about toxic!

Now, to suddenly go from constipation to diarrhea, or to go several times a day as you are, I'd be a bit concerned, too. Just remember, don't jump to cancer and know it could be other things that mimic it, just like MS. Also, it could take a while to diagnose, too.

What kind of scan are you having, and did he mention a colonoscopy as well as an endoscopy? When it comes to losing weight with any illness, I think it's wise to check out both ends. :)

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What kinda of scan? In the last three weeks I have had two ultrasounds, abdominal x-rays, and a HIDA Scan.

First Doctors can't see inside the human body so now they do scans. In the old days it was exploritory surgery which was just that their only way to see inside. Now at least they can look inside first.

Second with everyone they will find strange things that do not affect health. I have two full ureters on mt left side, a lesion on my kidney, and a growth in my gall bladder (not a stone).

Third the human digestive system was designed for us to be up on two feet and moving most of the day. The more we have to sit and the less we move the more it stops working.

Forth our diets have changed so drastically with processed foods.

Fifth the medications we take have an effect on our system.

Sixth the internet can freak you out. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing and all that.

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Oh forgot My right side pain below the ribs has turned out to be gallbladder. I think sarahsmom and goofsmom also had gallbladder removals.
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I also want to add that if you go to Google and type in "problems with esophagus" or "problems with stomach" or anything of the like, you're gonna come across cancer as well.

Since you seem very concerned that it could be cancer, try reading up on colon, stomach, liver and pancreatic cancer on the first two sites I mentioned. Compare your symptoms.

You'll be in my prayers. ((hugs))
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Thank you all ever so much for your replies.

I had ny Gallbladder removed last year, so that is why I googled 'problems with colon..

I thought it could well have been more stones in the Colon - duh - but no way did I ever expect it to come up with that! ( I can't even type it:/)

Now when I had my GB removed, the pain before was terrible, I was sure I was having 'The Hug'  - nope out it came:/

Alex, it's going to be a full ultrasound.
My Dr has ordered a full abdominal scan to see what is happening !!

Nickie, I agree, the first page is really the only one to look at, as google caches' the pages on a regular basis.

This weight lose is worrying, I am eating properly, good veggies etc., and still I am dropping the pounds.  So now I am 'still' 6ft and weighing in at 90lb.

I am not looking for this terrible disease, it's just that.....well the interntet is a mine of information, but sometimes misleading?

What a bunch of friends you all are,

Hugs and love to you all,


as in Desparate Debs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Keep that in mind.  Whatever it is, there are many wonderful people willing to be with you each step of the way.  And yes, the Internet can be very misleading.

Passing thought: After I had my gall bladder removed, I continued to pass what looked like gall stones for more than a year.  I imagine that they could've complicated things anywhere along the route, lingering in there like that.

Looked at your profile pic and agree you are thin, but are you sure you're doing the math correctly, converting cm to ft., and kg to lbs.?  I am probably about 181cm and 109kg.  That makes me just a smidgeon shorter but 2.67x your weight.  It could happen; just asking.
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Thank you P D,

Yes I am 6ft, and now 90lb

So thats. 181 cm and 49kg in metric.

Thank you so much,


Debs xxxxxxxxxxxx
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Wow you must have some bike frame mine is a 59 in a road bike.

You have been through so much in the last year. Thta could be a key factor. I am hoping it is not something as bad as cancer.

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I am sorry this has you so worried. When is your scan scheduled for?   I hope soon, and I also hope it will be nothing to worry about.

Thinking of you,
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Please try not to freak out. Like my Mom always tells me, don't worry unless there's something to worry about. At this point, nothing is for certain.

I'll be thinking of you and hoping for all good results from your tests.

And clearly, since you're living with MS, you already know you're a tough cookie so you can handle whatever is thrown at you!!
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It is good news to hear that you went to the doctor and he took your symptoms seriously.  This is your first step - now be sure to go for the next appointmnet on Friday.

I know this is frightening - but even if it is a worst case scenario, remember that cancer treatment of today is so much different and most cancers are beatable.

Please take this one step at a time and try to stay out of panic mode.

be well, Lulu

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Weren't you having severe problems with your weight being around 90 lbs two years ago when you were on the forum?  I distinctly remember something like that.

Now, this topic from the point of view of the doctor:

It is the doctor's primary duty to think of all the likely and less likely, but serious, things that can cause the complaints.  If cancer appears on the list, (even if it is #10) then he is obliged to rule out cancer - and do it quickly.  So, the fact that he is moving urgently says more that he is conscientious, than that cancer is likely.

The doctors that "play the odds"  on something being benign - so they don't go and check out the less likely bad things are the docs we want to avoid.

You will find cancer on the lists of almost every symptom.  Yes, a cough can be cancer, but it is more likely to be post-nasal drip or asthma.  The good pediatrician will get a chest xray for any chronic cough.

Pastor Dan is right.  The things we worry about rarely come to pass.

Take some deep breaths and have some ice cream.


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Sorry it took me a while to get back on line.. But I see "Our Group" has given you super advice and loving support. I expressed my feelings when we talked.
I am so sorry you are so stressed, it makes everything seem so much worse. Please try not to think it is going to be the worse case......
My Love, Thoughts and Prayers are with you today and always....
Waiting to hear your voice, so call me this week end if you can..

Much Love and Daily Hugs....{{{{~!~}}}} DJ
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