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Kids, Grandkids and neuro episodes

How do you deal and prepare the people around you especiall your children and grandkids neices nephew etc...
To see neuro epsiodes across the board.
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My worst can be almost as bad to watch as a siezure. I find my self trying to care about everyone else when all I should do is deal with me!!!
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Darthmom- it is hard to see others you love have problems and want to help. There does come a time, however, that you MUST help yourself. This doesn't make you uncaring, it is just a matter of self preservation.

We all need to have times of healing both mentally, spiritually, and physically. What is hard is ...sometimes YOU are your only advocate as those around you expect you to help them, and they have little to offer in return. If this is your case, just love yourself enough to take care of you.

Be kind to yourself today!!!! Otherwise you could become like an empty broken bottle...nothing left to pour out on others or yourself.

Be blessed today

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Thank u so much!!! I agree! I just have 3 young children and my 5yo will freak out part because she is scared and part because she is a diva/drama queen and trys to divert attention. so if I say mommy is ok she callms down, but the effort it takes to say thak is taxing!!! I was just wondering if steps have been taken in advance for families for adults or kids so if I fall to the ground they are some what prepared!!! you all are so amazing!!!

Thanks so much!!!
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My partner, family and co-workers have known there was an issue when I was being worked up.  Kind of hard to hide going mostly blind in one eye and having to close it to see anything.  They were all in the loop.  My companies Occ Health department knows and has put workplace accommodations in place.  So far, I have had vision, spasticity issues, dropping stuff, falling down...and I'm not sure how I prepare anyone for my next stunt.

I just take it in stride.  

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If you have three young kids, you're gonna be worried.  They are too young to understand.  There are books on the market geared to young children explaining MS.  You might google it.  Supermum not too long ago had a thread that talked about this issue.  I believe her approach...total honesty...was the best way to handle it.  Children not in the loop have more anxiety because they don't know what is really wrong and imagine things to be much worse than it is.  MS doesn't kill.  Your five year old may be thinking mommy is gonna die.  

I hope you open some discussions with them.  I wish I had.  I put my adult children through a living hell by trying to hide it.  I can't imagine what it would do to a young child.
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