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LP results question

I have been reading all of your excellent info on O-bands - thank you! I just picked up my LP results and see that theO-Banding has come back as abnormal. My Serum IgG was within the reference range, but the IgG CSF (9.0), IgG Index (1.85), IgG/Albumin Ratio (0.5), CSF O-Bands number (14), and IgG Synthesis rate (30) are all high. The O-Banding result says Positive even though the reference says Negative (notes state no bands in the serum).

I don't have my MRI results back yet to see if there are changes from last autumn when I was tested following a 2nd round of Cranial Sixth Nerve Palsy. That will, I imagine, be the other piece of the puzzle.

My question is about elevated WBCs. Range goes up to 5/uL and my test showed 12/uL. 98% Lymphocytes CSF and 2% Mono/Macros CSF. I have tried to research what other possibilities may produce O-bands + elevated WBCs, but nothing that seems fitting for my circumstance is showing up.

Any references that you recommend reading before I get all the results from my neuro? Can CSF WBCs be up because of viral illness not related to the CNS?

Thank you so much. I was shocked to see the results, but it was my choice to see them before the doc...so Im just trying to arm myself with information.

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They take your blood at the same time as the take the spinal fluid they look at o-bands in the blood as well as the spinal fluid. For a MS diagnosis you have o bands in the CSF but you should not have any in the serum.
WBC and lymphocites having nothing to do about MS.

It will take a doctor to figure out how the WBCs come into a diagnosis. They may test you for some other illnesses. What I do not know. I had 12 o bands so they tested me for Lupus and such.

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Thank you, Alex. They did not find any o-bands in the serum, so I guess we will see what the MRIs show on Tuesday. So far, it looks like the elevated WBCs could mean a few things, none of which align with my symptoms.

Could be partial TM (1-sided only) I guess. That or MS was the neuro's initial guess. It is so hard to wait - especially now that I know this is more than a pinched nerve :(
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