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Lactose Intolerance?

Sorry this is way off of our normal subject, but I was just wondering the signs of lactose intolerance and whether or not you can get this as you get older.  I am wondering because I have had abdominal pain for the past about 4 days. And I mean it really hurts.  Also my back kind of where my kidneys are.  I also get nausea a little and spent this morning vomiting.  I went to the doctor and he said I was free of infection, and I am not pregnant so he does not know.  He asked what I had been eating lately and like usual I did not remember so when I went home I just kept thinking about it and realized about every meal for the last two days I have had milk product.  This morning I also had a milk product and the pain was really bad.  I started vomiting and couldn't stop til dry heave.  Then I didn't eat anything until this afternoon and now I don't feel bad at all.  So I am just curious.  Any help?
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Hi there,

Well, I don't know, but think you could develop an allergy to anything, at anytime.  But, did the Dr. mention anything about your kidneys, bump on them a bit? Did it hurt?

Does the pain radiate from your back, kidney area, then come around your side toward your abdomen?

Just trying to get a feel for what you are experiencing, and if the pain is that great, that could cause vomiting too.  Hope not, but kidney stones can cause some of the pain you describe.

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Thanks.  No the doctor didn't say anything about that he seemed to just want me out of the office as quickly as possible, that usually happens when you go to an instacare.  No it does not radiate from the kidneys.  It is just not something I have experienced before and the closest thing is the pain I have gotten from my UTI's.  I usually don't get pain in urination so my UTI's get really bad before I go in.  That is what I thought this was, but he says it is not.
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The symptoms from lactose intolerance include, bloating, gas, pain/cramps,vomitting and I believe diahhrea. The best way to tell if that is the problem is to avoid all milk products for the day. If your symptoms go away, slowing introduce milk products to see if they return. I don't think though that pain in the kidney area is a symptom of it. I do know that when I had gallstones, this is alot of what I experienced. Just a thought.

Good luck and hope you feel better soon.
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Hi, Tahiri.

You may not be completely lactose intolerant, but just not be able to handle a lot of it.

Like my Moki Baby says, eliminate it, and then re-introduce it and see what happens.

I can drink a certain amount of milk, before I get too frequent BM's.

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If the claims on the back of the carton are to be believed goats milk is an alternative to those who react badly to cows milk.  I drink it because it tastes lovely.  But many adults lack the enzyme to digest any milk products so this may well be a problem, more prominent if you're generally run down.

Soya milk is another alternative, but it's an acquired taste, and goes off very quickly once opened.

Have you ever been assesed for irritable bowel syndorme?

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