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Leg Ache - WTH?

I seriously don't get this. For several days now, my legs have been aching pretty badly bilaterally low in my thighs, just above my knees. I cannot think of anything other than my MS which could be causing this, but I don't have any feelings of stiffness to go along with the ache, so I don't think it's spasticity. I wish I could say that it might be soreness from exercise, but I haven't been exercising. Argh.... :/
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I get it in my left thigh for days, if I stand long, and then some days at my left knee but it always goes away, I just attributed it to spasms.

not sure what it is!
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I have been having pain in my left thigh off and on since mid December 2012.  It just came out of no where and lasted for 24 hours or so and then would go away.  It happened a few times in December and then went away for a while.  But it did come back about once or twice a month.  In March, I decided it was time to start an exercise program at the gym.  I was on the elliptical for literally 6 minutes when my left leg started feeling funny.  I got off and talked to the trainer.  Started to walk to get my water and my leg gave out on me twice.  I figured I would be sore the next day, but it felt like the muscles in my left thigh were being put through a meat grinder ever time I moved it.  

My Internist referred me to a neurologist.  I kept a log of all the symptoms that came out of the blue over the past few months (i.e. dizziness that lasted about a week and a half, tingling in my left leg from just above my ankle to the bottom of my calf, severe spasm in my neck,...).  The neurologist said that she wanted me to have an MRI of my back.  I told her that I had a lumbar puncture done in June of 2006.  She asked if the neurologist who ordered the LP was evaluating me for MS, which that dr. never told me that is what she was looking for.  When she found the report she asked me what the doctor told me about the results and I told her what I was told, that was everything was fine.  WELL, this new doctor told that NO everything was not fine, that the two things they look for that would indicate MS were both high.

So I went for my MRI yesterday.  Will see what the results are in a couple of weeks.
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so did she tell you if there were any O bands in the LP spinal fluid?
I'd ask for a copy of the LP results!

now that you know some of the ins and outs of this game, try and get copies of everything and keep a file of your own.  I always have to ask for lab copies from my neuro (think they are trying to save paper) but I insist.......MRI, reports, dictation, you name it, keep a copy!
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Hi Janey!
Since this came on in both legs in this manner, you think there may be a chance it's unrelated to MS? Have you had any colds or anything?
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I have days where both of my legs just sorta hurt. For me it's mostly my shins/calves. There is a generalized aching and the are somewhat sensitive to touch, like if I cross me legs at the ankle. I don;t know if it's MS related or not...

Shell - I know that in most cases MS symptoms are unilateral. My very first presenting symptom, almost 22 years ago, was bilateral numbness from the tips of my toes to about mid-shin :-)

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Another achy one checking in. I've been getting severe aches in both thighs for a few months. But since I've actually been exercising for a change, my first thought was that exercise was the cause. So I stopped for a week and still had the pain.

Yes, I know that MS symptoms usually appear on one side or the other, but my history has been of several bilateral symptoms, even mirror symptoms, plus others. My neuro has never told me that these can't be MS. For a long time I've wondered whether something deep in the brain is sending signals out to both sides simultaneously. Don't know if this is even possible.

I just wanted to chime in here as a fellow sufferer.

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Kyle - Correct of course - I wasn't suggesting it couldn't be MS at all ;)
It would be in anyones best (I suggest these things often) interest to explore other potential causes. Afterall, our MS doesn't exclude us from common ailments.

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No Shell, EVERYTHING is MS's fault :-) Why without MS my life would be perfect!

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...and who needs perfect anyway ;)
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During the big relapse in 2007 that led to my dx, I had severe ache in both legs.  I don't know if it was directly caused by MS or from lack of use from being bedridden for a few days when I was physically at my worst.  My neuro said it could be due to either, and wasn't too concerned as it had remitted on its own after a few days.  

Hope yours gets better soon.  Have you taken any pain relievers and if so, have they helped?

Re: bilateral symptoms in MS, I have/ have had bilateral symptoms at the same time in my hands, legs and feet.  

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Good comment about whether OTC pain relievers are useful, since they don't help with nerve pain. I wondered about that also, and tried Aleve several times. It did seem to take the edge off, at least. My pain felt very much like deep muscle pain, and possibly the muscles were doing small spasms that wore them out, causing real muscular pain, but the origin was in misfiring nerves.

I sure haven't figured it out.

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The ache has gone away only to be replaced with mild spasticity and frequent calf and foot cramps - and it's def bilateral. But whatever... After this past week in Boston, I'm thankful to have two legs. My thoughts are with the people who will never be the same after the bombings. A lot of people were seriously injured.
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Been thinking of you there this past week, Jane.  Horrible, devastating situation.  Sad and angry for the victims.  Hope you're holding up okay.
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I echo DB's thoughts about the Boston situation.

As for the leg pain, I had it for months  and it was bilateral and unremitting!! Went to pain mangement and tried all sorts of remedeir=es . Finally hit upon the right combonation and now my legs only hurt after steroids (whihc others have reported) or if I'm in a relapse.

I hope your legs will continue to improve. check with your doc about an anti-spasmodic like Baclofen or Zanaflex for your cramping.

Sending feel better wishes, both physically and emotionally after the past week.

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Hugs Jane -

I get a deep dull ache as well some times. I think it is spasticity- mine usually hits my arms. I stretch and take ibuprofen as needed,

Thinking of you. I had a co-worked who was there. 5 minutes shy of the explosion.
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I get the deep dull ache in my thighs about 3-4 days before my period.  Many women have an increase in MS symptoms right before their period.  I'm not sure if this was the same time for you?

The plus for me is that after my period starts the leg pain stops (aside from my normal every day twitching that is).  But for those 3 days it hurts a lot!
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