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Leg Fatigue / Burning sensation

About 3 weeks ago, I started having stiffness in my right leg, knee and hamstring primarily, which made it difficult to walk. After about 10 days, the stiffness passed and it is now just a heavy feeling of fatigue and also a burning sensation on occassion. The fatigue seems to diminish somewhat with exercise. I haven't fallen over and I don't it is 'weakness' necessarily. This is mostly in my right leg, but I sometimes get the burning in my left also. I'm not sure what, if anything, to do about this. Could it be MS related? I don't want to go overboard on pinning every problem on MS and then not getting them treated. This could just be a muscle strain/injury, for example. I was working out quite strenuously prior to the stiffness since my balance has slowly been improving, but at the same time, I have never felt anything like it before and the burning pain is not localized. It just doesn't feel normal. My primary doctor said to wait for my upcoming MRI's and see what they show. He has been useless throughout the course of this illness. It seems like there is one problem after another, but not all together, as if I a progressing toward something. First the light-headed feeling, headaches, balance. Later, the muscle twitches and shivering. Then the tremors. Now the muscle stiffness and fatigue with most of the other symptoms diminishing or maybe just lurking in the background. Does anyone have any advice? I could go to urgent care, I suppose, just mention the pain in my leg and nothing else, see what they say.
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Maybe it is time to find another PCP?  Remember not everything is MS related.  We get injuries and illnesses just as everyone else does.  I can see you are aware of this but it also appears everything all at once is frightening/overwhelming  to you.

Me personally, I would get a new PCP.  i would explain that I have several things going on and that I am not sure what is connected to what and that is your hope he/she will help you figure it out.  That would be a starting point.  

take care, terry
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I get the same feeling and have had all of the other symptoms that you mentioned and then some. Mine tends to pass and doesn't seem to interfere with life too much, but is rather just irritating.  I am undx, though, so I can't say that it would be related or not.

I agree with Terry, find a new PCP. It's harder to do than it sounds, especially when you have a laundry list of things that happens to you. Is there anyone you know that has maybe had a great PCP for a long time?
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Hi there...when do you get the MRIs done?  alot of times it takes alot of time and symptoms to get any type of Dx... keep a list of symptoms and get that MRI done asap.  Let us know what the results are and if you have problems with your body and you know something isn't right... find a Dr that will work with you to find answers

that can be hard to do..good luck and let us know how things go

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It sounds to me like spasticity, which can manifest as a tightness in the muscles.  The burning sensation sounds more like circulation problems - you should probably mention it to your PCP.
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I had a MRI of the brain 6 months ago and another just 2 weeks ago, all clear. I have a MRI of the spine, 3 separate scans, scheduled for tomorrow. I had an EMG of spine/leg today and they could find no problems, which supports my MS fears I suppose. I don't know anyone with a good PCP - I generally use him only for referrals, seems useless for anything more than that. The problem is my first neuro diagnosed everything as 'anxiety' / 'depression' and my PCP agrees with this so doesn't take my symptoms seriously. They think I should see a therapist rather than having all these tests. I don't agree, but if the spinal MRI and the lumbar puncture both come out clear, I'll be willing to give it a try. Anything to feel normal again.

On a separate issue, does anyone know if a regular eye exam would show eye damage related to MS? My vision is not quite as clear as once was, but I just had an eye exam and they said all was well.
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I did see my eye dr at the beginning of all this "****" that I've been going through. On his note to my PCP it stated "other than anything that may be seen on imaging...." and categorized it as neuralgia.  

I have not had an MRI since 2007 and having a hard time getting anyone to take me seriously since I have a history of chronic headaches.  So, I guess, my answer is no, but make sure that your eye doctor notes anything that could be even a possibility for you.  

Keep fighting and stay strong. No matter what!

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