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I have brain lesions, Neck lesions and spinal lesions. Still no diagnosis. I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHATS WRONG WITH ME. I am feeling very sorry for myself ;-(
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  Welcome to the Forum.
There will be several that will post here on your thread that can feel your anguish.
i am sorry that you are having a hard time right now.

   Can you give us a bit more info such as symptoms, where lesions are, what the MRI report reads, what your Neuro is saying?
This will help others to understand a bit more of the whole picture.

    Hang in there. We are certainly here for words of encouragement, to listen when you need to vent, and to try and help figure things out as well as to give you great info.
Have you looked at the "Health Pages" yet?  In the top right hand corner. Lot's of good info in there too.

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Hi, Tonya. Thanks for replying: My MRI findings There are numerous foci of increased signal intensity within the deep and periventricular white matter, the subcortal white matter, and corpus callosum. Following contrast administration, none demonstrate enhancement.                                                                                                               There is no intracranial hemorrhage, extracerebral fluid collection, midline shift or mass effect. The ventricles are normal in size and position, There is no abnormal diffusion restriction.    There is mild mucosal thickening within a maxillary, ethroid, sphenoid, and frontal sinuses with mucus retention cyst in the right maxillary sinus. To the extent that they may beevaluated with routine MR Imagin. the vascular structures have a normal appearance.  There are intrinsic cord lesions at T3, T5/6 probably at T7/8. and possibly C5/6/ There is mild right sided Myeloma T7/8. Following contrast administration,  there is no pathelogic enhancement.     There are mild degenerative changes at C5/6 worse thanC6/7, noting loss of height of the intravertebral discs at these levels and degenerative edematous endplate changes and enhancement about C5/6.  At C4/5 there is mild right uncovertebral joint arthrosis with mild right neural foraminal narrowing. At C5/6there is a small to moderate posterior disc/osteophyte ridge containing a small  annular fissure. There is no central canal orneural foraminal stenosis..    There is a Schmorl`s node at T11/12. There is a moderate focal left paracentral posterior disc/ osteophyte ridge and T6/7 which effaces the ventral thecal sac and mildly/moderately indents the ventral contour of the spinal cord at this level. There  is additionally a small  posterior  right paracentral disc/osteophyte ridge T5/6.   Impression: Numerous foci of increased signal intensity  within the deep, periventricular,and subcortical white matter, as well as within the thoracic spinal cord as detailed above, Findings are nonspecific but suggestive of demyelinating disease.  LP was normal VEP was normal.Alpha2 Globlin;high  Lymph Auto high,AEC high, ANCi high,MCH high,WBC high,ALK phos high. It is a lot if anyone can tell me what it all means it would give me a little peace. I have had constant headache for months, 3 episodes of neuritis is 3 months each lasting about a week, blurry vision kind of foggy and fells as is there is something in my eye gets blood shot, right heel is numb for 2 months, right leg weakness, pain in rt elbow My leg spasms when i lay down. Thanks ahead of time for any advice Linda                                              
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Bumping this up for you ;)

ps....Try to break up your paragraphs as it is very hard for
some of us to read.  

Here is what I found on Internet:

Extrinsic vs. intrinsic lesions
Extrinsic compression of the spinal cord, e.g. by
tumour or prolapsed intervertebral disc, typically
produces a pattern of sensory loss in which the
sacral dermatomes are involved (saddle anaesthesia).
This is because the part of the spinothalamic
tract closest to the surface of the cord (that conveying
sensory information from the lumbosacral
dermatomes) is most vulnerable to the effects of
external compression (Fig. 15.2). By contrast, intrinsic
lesions of the spinal cord tend to damage
the more central parts of the spinothalamic tract
first (sacral sparing) though this is by no means a
strict rule

Take Care,
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One more Gentle Bump for gypcwmn.
Just trying to help her out w/ some info....

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Hi.  Welcome to our forum.  How high is your white blood cell count?  Most of what you ask on lab results are about the breakdown numbers of white blood cells seen in infections and/or some type of inflammatory process:

Globulins are divided into alpha-1, alpha-2, beta, and gamma globulins. In general, alpha and gamma globulin protein levels increase when there is inflammation in the body.

Neutrophils are the primary white blood cells that respond to a bacterial infection, so the most common cause of neutrophilia is a bacterial infection.
Neutrophils are also increased in any acute inflammation

The ANC is calculated from measurements of the total number of white blood cells (WBC), usually based on the combined percentage of mature neutrophils (sometimes called "segs," or segmented cells) and bands, which are immature neutrophils.

The only advise I can offer is to see what your neurologist has to say about the possible "demyelinating disease."  You may have a simple infection, like a urinary tract infection or some other source of infection.  If your WBC are hugely elevated, maybe there is something to worry about - what,  I don't know.  

Have you had trauma to your back at some point in time?   Are you having back pain?  The back abnormalities as described in your MRI are not caused by MS, except for lesions (demyelination) which can be present in the spine and brain in MS.

I will post some links for information specific to MS.
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    Thanks Karen for jumping in with some info from someone other than me :)

How have you been doing the last few days?
Do you have any updates or any recent doctor visits?  Hope things
are going better.
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